How to play the stoner game "Where I got High"

Published Jun 5, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned, no internet game that doesn’t require a major financial investment or a 2-day wait from Amazon, then you’re in luck. Fun weed games are hard to come by these days, as most digital platforms have been overtaken with 420-friendly Farm Simulator recreations that get old fast, and you can’t share most of them with your friends unless you’re all staring at your own individual screens.

This 420-friendly game can be played in a few different ways to suit your preference so that you can enjoy it in person, with a group of friends, or from a distance with those who are connecting from a distance via social media or some other online platform. Just copy and paste or take turns reading and answering aloud, and you’ll learn a lot about everyone who gets involved.

Who might want to play?

Any and every cannabis enthusiast who has indulged in unique places and spaces would have fun with this kind of game, regardless of experience level or frequency of use. Though, of course, those who have toked the longest are the most likely to tick the most questions off the list.


‘Where I Got High’ is just a 420-friendly variation of ‘Have You Ever’, or ‘Never Have I Ever’, so there’s bound to be more than a few different ways out there to play it. However, here, we’re going to show you a few of the basics that focus on the consumption of cannabis, as we’d expect to find from all of the best weed games.

1. Share on social media

Copy and paste the provided list of questions, or make up your very own, and then share it on social media with all of your friends. Only, before you hit send, you might want to add a disclaimer that gives each one a set worth, like, for example, $5. That way people can provide their results openly and honestly, without divulging exactly which ones they’ve done. Of course, we highly recommend that you get stoned while you watch the replies roll in too.

2. Pick one person to lead with questions

After making up your own list of ‘Where I Got High’ questions or locating the template with examples which can be found below, you’ll select one individual to lead the group. They will be the gatekeeper of all questions, so if they know the participants well, they’ll have a fair amount of control over how much cannabis everyone has to take.

3. Make each person take turns asking the group a question

This can feel a bit fairer, as it distributes the power over asked questions, which makes it so that the person with the list can choose not to indulge this time around by asking something that they know they haven't done before. If there’s only one in the group who hasn’t ‘Got High’, then they automatically become the next asker, or you can go around a circle to make sure that everyone has their chance to be included.

Then what?

It’s always the most fun to stay original, which means making up your own freaky questions that could reveal your deepest green secrets and those that answer with “I Got High There” must then indulge. This could be a hit, a certain portion of a joint, a whole bowl, or having to down an edible. The form of “torture” is entirely up to you, but no matter what you choose, it’s guaranteed to get everyone lifted.


The asker will need to initiate the crowd by providing a question, and this is a list that can be useful as inspiration or in action. Once each question is posed, group members will need to respond with either “I Got High There” or “I’ve Only Been There Sober.” Those who Got High will then enjoy the prior agreed-upon punishment.

I Got High:

  • At a party
  • On a sidewalk
  • In the shower
  • Under a bridge
  • With a husband
  • At work
  • On a plane
  • In a car
  • With a best friend
  • Before it was made legal
  • At the playground
  • On my bed
  • In my room
  • With by boss
  • At home
  • On a boat
  • In a hot tub
  • With my neighbor
  • Before reaching legal age
  • In a closet
  • At a stranger’s house
  • In pajama
  • On the beach
  • With a parent
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