How to plan an online cannabis party with your friends

Published Aug 22, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Most of the biggest cannabis bashes happen in person, but now that we’re dealing with a global pandemic, we’re having to evolve and get creative with our gatherings, which is why so many are going online. Some of those massively successful online parties sound great, but if you’re looking to host your own pot party with friends, there’s going to be a little bit more work involved.

The pros and cons of an online pot party

Online cannabis parties are unique and what they lack, in-person sessions can make up for, but since we’re in the middle of unprecedented times, it is essential to take all things into consideration including both the benefits and the drawbacks of online gatherings.


  1. You can invite people from literally anywhere in the world
    When you move your 420 friendly party plans online, there is no longer a need to travel to a specific destination, so you can connect with literally anyone who has an active internet connection and a basic device or computer.

  2. It’s cost-effective
    Anyone can throw a killer cannabis party for little to no money at all, as long as they have the right friends to enjoy it with.

  3. They ensure social distancing
    If you’re in a region that has social distancing recommendations in place, then it is important to reduce contact with those around you as much as possible, and though small get-togethers are often ok, it’s just so much safer for everyone to partake in the 420 fun from the comfort of their own homes.

  4. Group sizes are virtually unlimited
    Even if you aren’t bound by limits for in-person gatherings, online platforms open up a whole new world by allowing an unlimited number of people to enjoy and interact with the same experience.

  5. Filters make decorating fun and easy
    The availability of this option will depend on the online platform that you choose but some of the most popular ones like Zoom, provide a wide range of decorating and background options that can make it easy and budget-friendly to set a theme.


  1. No direct contact
    These days direct contact is virtually everything that we need to avoid, and though this choice can benefit all who participate, it can also be a bummer when you’re ready to see your friends face to face because the virtual world doesn’t allow you to hug, touch or kiss.

  2. It’s not quite what we’re used to
    Planning and successfully executing an online pot party is a lot easier than it sounds, but this shift can be anxiety-inducing when you aren’t comfortable with something that is so new and different, which can make it hard for anyone to enjoy themselves at first.

  3. It forces you to get creative
    Inviting a bunch of friends over to watch movies or party hardly is something that most of us have gotten used to, so you know exactly how to plan for in-person gatherings, but moving the festivities online will take a willingness to adapt, learn, and to treat outside of your typical comfort zone.

Settling on a platform

Before you can really do anything, you’ll need to settle on a platform that offers everything you’re looking for. To do that, it’s really important to begin by browse through the benefits of all available websites and apps that are currently available. It may take a bit of investigating, but eventually, you will find something that will work well no matter what kind of cannabis party you have in mind.

One of the most popular and widely used online platforms for these kinds of gatherings is Zoom, and though most of us may have heard of or used it in a work setting, this option offers a stellar range of personalization choices to choose from that work great for a pot party. For smaller, more secure alternatives, Houseparty, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Twitch, Xbox Live, PlayStation, Steam, or Instagram live provide a stricter level of security.

Choosing who to invite

Once you have settled on a platform or other method of hosting an online party, you’ll know if you’re limited in guests, but there is also something else to consider, and that is screen space. If you’re all going to be playing games with each other without any kind of live feed, then it might not matter, but if you want to see everyone's smiling faces while you interact, then you’ll want to keep a minimal guestlist.


Generally, for phones or tablets, the maximum number of participants should be 4, and for slightly larger monitors or televisions 8-12 will be more than enough to fill your screen, so take this into consideration before pondering on how selective you’ll need to be. If you’re lucky, then you won’t have more than a comfortable number of friends to invite, but if you aren’t, then it’s best to choose those who you can interact with the most.

Online parties don’t allow for the same private mingling and heated atmosphere that you’d find elsewhere, which is why you’ll want to invite people who can stay engaged and keep you comfortable and laughing.  In order for this to be a success, all parties will need to participate, so restrict invitations to those who you think will be willing to put in the effort.

Take advantage of filters and other features

Some of the best online platforms will provide you and your guests with a host of different entertainment options to choose from. Some are simple games that include an interactive chat, and others offer built-in décor and filters that might just be the perfect background for your pot party. This way you won’t have to go through all of the work yourself, and you can choose a background that will keep everyone feeling at home, and it will hardly cost you anything to do so.

Mail out party packages beforehand

Since you aren’t going to be sitting at the very same table as your guests, it can help everyone to connect more if there is a packaged gift bag of sorts that everyone can experience from afar together, and it doesn’t matter what it is. You could send sample boxes of various finger foods so that your guests can all snack away on the same great food or a handful of different types of edibles.

For those who opt against filters and backgrounds to achieve a more intimate and familiar setting like your living room, decorations can go a long way to taking the mood across a group of friends or even a beer. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you send, as it’s the act of knowing that you're experiencing something from a screen together that adds another level of realness to the party.

Don’t feel too pressured to plan out every single minute

Normally, pot parties will be complete with in-person games and activities like playing sports, pool, or going hard at karaoke to keep guests entertained, but online alternatives don’t need rigorous planning or stress for nothing. In fact, if you’re seeing these people online, then you’ve probably got a lot of catching up to do anyway, so don’t sweat planning out every moment and just go with the flow.

Try to think of some fun things to do together

It’s really not necessary to diligently plan out every second of an online cannabis party, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few ideas up your sleeve in the event things need some livening up at any point. You and your guests being apart doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in many of your favourite games or challenges, you’ll just have to be more creative with how you do them.

You could play a game of Pictionary, or have everyone set up their own mini beer pong table and see who wins, and most of the popular card games can be played in a similar way online if you put your mind to it, and get creative. If you don’t have any ideas, then poll the guests, as they’ll be the ones you want to enjoy themselves the most.

Don’t forget the weed

Throwing a 420 friendly online party is a great idea, but you don’t really want your virtual guests left without anything to enjoy along with you. Of course, you’ll likely be inviting well-known stoners, but unless you know for certain that everyone is covered, it’s a good idea to send out or drop off joints just prior to the occasion, because you won’t be able to ‘puff puff pass’ this time around.

It’s not the same as in-person parties but it can be just as fun

When it comes right down to it, moving towards online platforms is the way of the future, and now that we’ve dealt with an active pandemic, it has become clear that this is a shift to embrace as well as an idea that will stick around long after the health threat is gone. It might not offer the same kind of experience as an in-person party, but this alternative does come with a host of benefits that you can get from a typical gathering in your living room.

Tips and tricks for pot party hosts


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