How to most wisely spend your weed money

Published Jan 1, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Most cannabis enthusiasts would agree that saving too much money on this hobby isn't always a great idea because you don't want to end up with low quality buds or devices, or you'll just be wasting what you do spend on a disappointing experience. Still, you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. We've got tonnes of tips and tricks that can help you to learn how to save money on weed, and here we're going to let you in on ten of them!

1. Price compare

One of the first rules of smart cannabis shopping is to price compare, and since this isn't your old drug dealer we're talking about, you don't have to be worried about harsh judgment if you do it. This could mean comparing various strains that are all sold by the same dispensary, but for the best bang for your buck, you're going to want to make a few rounds and visit at least a handful of different shops to see what they have. Prices can fluctuate a staggering 80% from one dispensary to the next, so it's almost always worth the extra investment of time to seek out the best deals.

2. Opt for less popular strains

There are some cannabis strains that, for some reason or another, end up being a whole lot more popular than others. This could be based on the person or company who created it or thanks to a super catchy name and a wide availability that keeps it in the public eye. Either way, these highly sought-after strains are quite often far more expensive than their lesser-known counterparts. The thing is that quality doesn't always translate to popularity. There are many excellent unknown strains out there, and you'll save a small fortune if you're willing to try them.

3. Buy in bulk

Most occasional cannabis users don't need much more than a few grams to get them through a month. So, they spring for a small container that will give them just that because it seems more affordable to keep the purchase under $50. The reality is that a gram here and there could end up costing you more in the long run. In many cases, it costs up to twice as much as it would to pay a little bit more now for a whole ounce of weed that could last the entire year long. The lower purchase price and negating the consistent need to travel back and forth can save money.

4. Sale shop

Most dispensaries know that they have consumers who struggle to pay for pot products, which is why there are quite a few things that just won't sell at full price, and that usually triggers some of the best sales. Some shops will do them weekly or monthly, but others prefer to highlight the most significant holidays like Black Friday or Christmas, so it's always an excellent idea to keep an eye out for their advertisements. Of course, they are limited in doing that, and that's why it's best to check back often so that you don't miss out on these steals.

5. Weight check

Most consumers would like to hope that thanks to good old regulations, we'd have specific standards where cannabis weight is concerned, especially since that's how it's sold. However, if you get out a scale and products from multiple stores, you'll likely find that they're slightly different unless you're buying the same brand from each one. Even still, time spent lingering on the shelves of a dispensary and drying methods can seriously dry out bud, and once you realize that you aren't getting what you paid for, it won't take long to find the consistent ones.

6. Sign up and search for discount codes


Now, of course, for this one to work, you have to be buying your weed from online dispensary platforms, but it's more than worth a few days wait for shipping when you're saving money, and discount codes can be found in so many different places. Social media, coupon websites, and even the dispensary websites will often offer customers a discount if you look for them. These can be for 10%,20%, or even 80% off the cost, which means that you can be generously compensated for the time that you spend online looking for them.

7. Buy through online platforms

This one kind of works with number six on our list, because as we mentioned, you need to buy online to save with discount codes, but what you probably didn't know is that just purchasing, most online dispensaries will buy you some kind of credit towards the future. Whether it's through the gathering of points, a straight-up discount for every so many purchases, or directly emailed discount and coupon codes that you don't have to waste your time looking for, you'll almost always benefit more from taking this shopping route.

8. Look for student or senior discounts

Students and seniors tend to fall on the lower end of the income scale, so figuring out how to save money is a matter of necessity, and some pot shops recognize that with a small discount. Of course, you might have to shop on a particular day or be willing to provide proof of your qualifying status to get it. Still, most dispensaries will discount a purchase anywhere from 10%-20% for these two select groups, and that's an incredible amount of savings to be had by those who can take advantage of these hot green deals.

9. Keep an eye out for free weed opportunities

Cannabis is expensive, and anyone who ever bought some is well aware of that fact, but it's not too out of the ordinary to find small amounts of samples for free, and some of them might even come from your dispensary. Shops will often offer a small taste of what they have with a free preroll or edible with each qualifying purchase, but then you can also sign up for contests. Free weed contests aren't going to give you a stash that you can rely on long-term. Still, between that, birthday offers, and other unique advertising avenues that so many of these businesses take, these opportunities are out there if you look for them.

10. Ask about compassion pricing

The people who generally need to save money on weed the most are medical consumers because they can't just cut back when they run out of funds to pay for their medicine. Otherwise, they'll pay with life quality. No one should ever have to choose between eating and paying for essential medicine, and that is why so many dispensaries now offer compassion pricing. Sometimes it's a straightforward discount, but the amount you pay will often be on a sliding scale based on your income, so it's an incredible offer to use if you can find a pot shop with this perk.

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