How to make your own cannabis candles

Published Oct 9, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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There’s something about a bright, calming flame that draws you in. It’s relaxing, sedating, and mesmerizing, and if you pick the right candle, there’s an incredible scent to go along with the experience. They can help us to light the way without being blinded, and they offer a romantic atmosphere that can go a long way in setting the mood, but have you ever considered buying a candle that includes cannabis? Probably not, but maybe you should.

What are cannabis candles?

Cannabis candles aren’t quite what you might expect since these incredible inventions won’t ever get you high in the traditional sense. Instead, they’ll fill the air with glorious scents of the plant that can be almost as relaxing as a hearty dose of cannabinoids. This is due to the aromatic benefits of terpenes, and all they have to offer.

The benefits of weed candles

The benefits of burning cannabis candles are still highly disputed. However, we do have plenty of evidence that proves some of the power behind terpenes and how they can make us feel. Some are uplifting and invigorating, while others can sedate, relax, and in some cases, they can even help to relieve pain. Every scent boasts a unique set of characteristics, and how they make you feel will have a lot to do with what each smell reminds you of. For some, mint may be invigorating, but if you’re someone who enjoys misting minty essential oils at night, then your brain may associate it more with sleep.

How to make cannabis candles

If you want to make your own weed candles, then you’re going to need several things to get started, and you can’t just throw some buds in wax in hopes of creating the same effect.

What you’ll need:

  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Wick
  • Terp sauce
  • Double broiler
  • Whisk
  • Oven (or a small portable stove with burners)
  • Wax beads
  • Your favourite essential oil (optional)


  1. Set up your double broiler, and turn the burner to medium-low heat.

  2. Toss the wax melts into the top of the broiler, and allow them to melt slowly. This may take a little while and you’re not going to want to rush this process, because too much heat can burn the fragile pieces and ruin the look and smell of your candles.

  • The most important thing to remember is to keep stirring, because even at low temperatures, this mixture may scald, and the lumps will disappear faster if you evenly distribute the heat.

  • Once all of the wax has melted it’s time to add the essential oils if you plan on using them in this project. If not, then it’s safe to skip right to mixing in the terp sauce.

  • Give it an extra final stir to ensure the mixture is evenly distributed throughout the wax, and then remove the burner from the heat.

  • Grab the wick and tie one end around a pencil, and then balance it on top of the glass you plan to make your candle in.

  • Slowly pour the hot wax from the double broiler into a heat-resistant glass.

  • Gently tap the glass against a clean surface to remove any air bubbles that might be lingering.

  • Leave the liquid somewhere cool (not cold) to harden for at least 1 hour.

  • Once the candle has set, it’s time to spark that baby up and enjoy the benefits of all your hard work.

  • Burn it when you’re relaxing, working, in the shower, or sitting down to an elegant or romantic dinner for two.

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