How to make cannabis-themed New Year's Eve crackers

Published Jan 1, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Crackers have been made for decades in the UK, where the party favors have been a Christmas tradition since the late 1840s. As with all traditions, people will make slight adjustments over time, and crackers eventually evolved to be included in celebrations of all kinds, including Christmas, New Years, birthdays and pretty much any other reason for a party that you can think of.

This particular DIY instructional guide will result in some shiny silver crackers that could suit a variety of different themes, or if you prefer, you can add your own flair by switching up the colored paper, but before you get started, you will need to get your hands onto some cannabis-themed prizes to stuff into the crackers. Once everything is folded and sealed it is impossible to put anything inside, which is where our helpful list of goodies that every stoner would love, comes in handy.

Goodies every stoner would love

It can be easy to get carried away when choosing small tools and goodies to fill your holiday crackers, but it is important to remember one thing, that no matter what you would like to add, the space inside of these crackers will ultimately measure 2x4 inches, so be sure to keep things smaller than that to avoid having to make a second trip out for replacements.

You will need to gear your choices towards your guests and their preferences, but a few cool ideas for inspiration might include:

  • Micro weed grinders
  • Cannabis seeds
  • Rolling papers
  • Cannabis buds
  • Vials of concentrates
  • Weed infused chocolates
  • Roach clips
  • Joint filter tips
  • Pot leaf bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings
  • Pipe screens (glass or metal)
  • Pre-rolls
  • Mini or one-hitter pipes

How to make crackers

At first, glance, figuring out how to make crackers might seem impossible, but if you follow these simple steps, you will have a pile of fun tools to hand out at your dinner or party, in no time. They will be louder and so much more exciting than store-bought options, which is likely to keep your guests talking for days and looking forward to next year’s celebrations before this one is even over. The measurements for these DIY crackers will result in a 10-inch-long full-sized version, so if you want to make mini ones, then try scaling down the papers by half.

Materials to make one cracker

  • 3 sheets of silver, gift-wrapping paper measuring 7.5x12 inches
  • 2 cracker snaps (The small ones from cap guns will work in a pinch)
  • Paper crown (optional)
  • Novelty item
  • 2 toilet paper tubes
  • Ribbon
  • Masking tape
  • A thin strip of bristle board or other hardened paper measuring 7 inches by ½ cm


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape


  1. Start by removing any remaining glue or paper bits that might be left on the cardboard rolls.

  2. Cut the one toilet paper tube into two halves with scissors.

  • Now heat up the hot glue gun and when it’s ready, glue the snap into the middle of the largest tube before spreading beads all around it, then place it in the very middle of the white side of the wrapping paper.

  • Work quickly before the glue dries and roll the tube until the paper makes it appear much longer than it really is. If it dries too soon, or not enough was used, you can always go back over the seal to ensure a neat finish. It may at first seem like a lot of layers of paper, but this is necessary to produce the desired effect, so don’t trim any of it away, just keep rolling until it’s all hugging the tube.

  • Do the same thing with the other two tube sections, only instead of installing snaps, you will need to cut the strip of bristle board into half and glue one that aligns with one edge while sticking out quite a bit on the other.

  • Now fill the middle area with a stoner themed novelty item.

  • Place a dab of hot glue onto one of the tips of bristle board strip and firmly press it down onto one of the snaps. Do the same with the other side, using the gentle paper casing to slide the pieces together until they fit into place, which will ultimately look like one long shiny tube.

  • Use your fingertips to feel for the gaps between the tubes and gently press down to create an indent. Not too hard, or you will risk ripping the paper.

  • Cut two pieces of ribbon and tie them around the paper in the gaps you’ve just located. This will seal the pocket and add some decorative flair to your cracker.

  • Use scissors to trim down the edges so that everything looks even, and your holidays crackers will be ready to go.

  • How to decorate crackers

    This simple DIY how to make crackers guide turns out to be some pretty fantastic pieces without any additional materials or planning, but if you want to take this project to the next level, then you can add almost any kind of decoration that might suit the occasion, using a small amount of glue. Just be sure to avoid placing any of the pieces into the crevices of the crackers, as it might seer the necessary connection to create the big bang, and to keep everything smooth, avoiding sharp or jagged objects that might cut a person’s hand during a quick game of tug of war.

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