How to make a chocolate Easter bunny bong

Published Apr 17, 2019 11:39 a.m. ET

420 festivities will come within a day of Easter this year, so it seems especially fitting to celebrate marijuana legalization at the same time as you get more than your fill in chocolate of all shapes and sizes. Easter is one of the best holidays with the least amount of stress and the most amount of sweets, and what we’ve got for you is only going to makes things even better. Have you ever been gifted one of those hollow chocolate rabbits and wondered what you could do with it other than awkwardly chomping down on its oddly shaped sugary curves? Well, this DIY cannabis bong guide can be performed on almost any shaped hollow chocolate to a perfect adult twist on a more child-oriented tradition. Use a small one to create a weed pipe or a giant one for a super-sized bong. Whatever your heart desires is now possible since hollow chocolate is the perfect base chamber for any marijuana smoking device. To begin, you will need a few essential pieces which will be broken down into alternative options that you might have on hand.

The bowl and stem

The ideal way to make a hollow Easter chocolate into a marijuana bong is to keep the heat as far away from the chocolate shell as possible. Since the stem and bowl will need to rest on a chocolate platform, it is best to use the longest bowl stem that you can fit. This will help to dissipate the heat before it reaches the thin chocolate casing which will reduce the potential for melt. If you do not have a spare bowl on hand than you will need to get creative with some tinfoil to make a bowl. Unfortunately, it will be resting directly on the chocolate so to avoid melting it should be used sparingly with plenty of time to cool between tokes.

  • 1 long glass bong stem with bowl
  • 1 long metal bong stem with bowl
  • 1 tin foil bowl

The bong chamber

The hollow Easter chocolate is what will be used as the main chamber in your weed pipe or bong. Thicker and darker chocolate will reduce the chances of it melting while it’s being used to smoke marijuana, but technically, with the right bowl addition, any sized chocolate casing shape could work. Though we do recommend choosing one that can stand upright on its own without support.

  • 1 hollow Easter bunny
  • 1 large Kinder surprise egg
  • Any other hollow chocolate

The mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of your Easter bong can be made of a variety of things, as it serves no purpose other than to make drawing the smoke out of the chamber easier than pressing your lips against a gaping hole. Here are a couple of different materials that would make the ideal cannabis bong mouthpiece.

  • 1 narrow glass tube
  • 1 narrow metal tube
  • 1 large drinking straw
  • 1 long pipe mouthpiece
  • Any other long narrow tunnels that the marijuana smoke can travel through freely

How to make a chocolate Easter bong

  1. Select the materials that you will be using to construct your cannabis bong.
  2. Use a sharp knife to gently carve away a hole for the stem and bowl to sit. A rabbit is typically the perfect shape for this since it’s back end is lower than the front. The back is typically the most level place to install it. Go slowly and try the stem frequently as you want to achieve a snug airtight seal between the chocolate and bong stem.
  3. Place the stem into the hole and hold the chocolate rabbit up to your mouth. Wherever it will be easiest to bring the bong to your lips will be the best place to install the mouthpiece. To do this, you can slowly carve out another hole that is located above the bowl and gently push the piece in as snugly as possible.
  4. Now you can create a carb which will allow a more controlled release of marijuana smoke through the bong’s mouthpiece. This hole should be installed in a portion of the chocolate casing that is easily covered by the user’s thumb.
  5. Your brand-new Easter chocolate bong is ready to use. Fill it with cannabis, light it up and enjoy.


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