How to make a cannabis wreath for Christmas

Published Nov 21, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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The holidays can get incredibly expensive and busy, and sometimes they can feel like a movie stuck on repeat as we relive the same insanity year after year, which is why it’s important to switch things up once in a while, but that can be difficult to do on a budget. Luckily DIY crafts can help you to save hundreds of dollars while designing Christmas decorating ideas that will dazzle all your friends and neighbors.

The trick is finding DIY crafts that are relatively easy to pull off, take a minimal amount of time, and costs very little for the materials, all while still looking like a million bucks. You could always check out Pinterest for tried and true ideas or blueprints, but that library can pull you down a rabbit hole from which you may never return. Instead, we recommend sticking with an old-fashioned traditional piece that you can’t go wrong with and then move on from there as you gain confidence.

Finding the perfect DIY crafts isn’t easy when you have a less common Christmas theme in mind, and cannabis enthusiasts everywhere struggle with what to do for this festive season, but we’ve got a project that can be recreated by the least experienced of crafters, and it’s so easy and to personalize that there is no way to get it wrong. To make things even better, below, you will find step by step guides on how to build two fantastic pot leaf wreaths, so pick whichever one suits you best and let your creativity take hold.

Pot leaf wreath

Some Christmas decorating ideas just scream cannabis enthusiast, and this one does so perfectly while framing the beauty of the simple shape of the pot leaf paired with brightly colored and season-related pieces to make the whole thing really pop. You can use any kind of pot leaves for this, but your best bet is selecting some of the biggest fan leaves for the most realistic wreath look, and those with some extra color certainly won’t hurt the results.

You will need:

  • Glue gun
  • 12-20 large marijuana fan leaves
  • Ribbon
  • Metal wire
  • Small pinecones
  • Spray-paint (optional)


  1. Decide how large you want the weed wreath to be and cut the wire to that size.

  2. Twist the ends of the wire together to lock them into place, then shape it into a perfect circle.

  3. Lay the wire base down flat on a clean surface and plug in the hot glue gun to get it ready.

  4. As you wait for the glue gun to heat up, it’s a good idea to fan out your selection of leaves and set them over top of the wire so that they are evenly spaced out. You can have them all pointed outwards, or all facing the same direction. Each one provides an entirely different look, so it’s completely up to you.

  5. When the gun is ready, add a glue stick and slowly work away at attaching each pot leaf in the perfect place.

  6. Once you have used up all the cannabis leaves, it is time to move onto the extra decorations. At this point, you can leave the leaves au natural or paint them with a festive silver or gold. Just ensure that you allow the paint to dry completely before adding the pinecones, otherwise, they might not stick very well.

  7. The ribbon can be cut into strands to dangle or tied into neat little bows for some extra flare before gluing them into place.

  • Let the wreath dry for 1 hour before hanging or elaborate on this basic idea with some Christmas decorating ideas of your own.

  • Cannabis buds accented Christmas wreath

    There was a store-bought version of this one that sold for between $400 and $700 just last year, but who really wants to part with that much money before heading out to spend more Christmas shopping? Instead, you can spend a small amount on a few large cannabis buds, grow your own, or grab up a pack of pack buds from Etsy or Amazon for the most savings.

    No matter which one you choose, the effect will still be breathtaking and festive, so don’t sweat the small details too much. This one is perfect for those who like to celebrate their love for weed without being too loud about it, as it is only complimented by the presence of a cannabis bud rather than being completely made up of them.

    You will need:

    • Wood DIY crafts wreath base
    • Hot glue gun
    • 2-6 pinecones (any size)
    • Fake cranberries (or mistletoe branch)
    • 1-4 large cannabis buds
    • Ribbon
    • Spray paint (optional)
    • Small wire


    1. Start by plugging in your hot glue gun so that it has time to heat up while you prepare everything else.

    2. Look over the wood wreath base and remove any tags or stickers that might be present.

    3. Now look at the wreath and imagine what you would like it to look like when you are finished. Would you enjoy some silver frosted tips on the pinecones? Or perhaps you want to get really crafty and try your hand at painting most of the base or additional pieces. All painting should be done and dried before adding extra décor.

    4. If you’re having trouble deciding on placement, it might help to lay everything out on the table next to the wood wreath so that you can get a real visual of what it will look like and go from there. Once you have decided, then you can move on to gluing each piece into place. Think of the cranberries or mistletoe as the focal point and move outwards from there for the best style.

    5. Now it’s time to place the ribbon, which can be done in small hanging sections, tiny bows, or more artistic bow folds if you can manage. Whatever you think will work, and if you’re really stuck, you can use cheap plastic Christmas bows and cheat your way through this step.

    6. Let the weed wreath set and dry for a few moments before getting the wire piece ready. Look at the back of the wreath for a firm piece to wrap it around and form a circle that will hang off a screw or nail on the wall or door. Your festive Christmas wreath is now ready to hang and enjoy for the remainder of the festive season, and if you are careful about glue placement, you can pull in the buds on Christmas morning for an extra cool smoking session to ring in the holiday.

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