How To Fight Winter With CBD Skincare

Published Nov 9, 2022 12:54 p.m. ET
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When it comes to cannabis, the plant we all know and love, there seems to be no end to the benefits it can bring to our daily lives. With its many recreational and medical uses becoming more accepted, cannabis also shows great promise in what it can do for our skin! And as winter is right around the corner (sorry) let’s do a quick dive into how CBD can mitigate some of the ways our skin gets damaged by the cold weather.

Winter Skin 101

I’m sure many of us have experienced irritated skin during the colder months, whether it be dry, flaky, or tight. In the wintertime, the cold, harsh winds, and dry air can make our skin feel tight and downright uncomfortable. This, along with the contrast in temperature going from indoors to outdoors can really dry out our skin – making it difficult for the skin to naturally maintain its hydration levels. In short, wintertime creates a general lack of moisture in the air, and that lack of moisture makes your skin very unhappy.

Wellness Is A Work of Skincare, Skincare is a Work of Art

Taking excellent care of our bodies largest organ, our skin, is important no matter the season. By simple preparation, planning and practice it’s not hard to get started on a lifelong path of taking care of your body from the skin in. Too often beauty standards and wellness tips aren’t shared with compassion. Instead of finding our routines empowering, sometimes society makes us feel self-conscious about not having the “perfect” wellness routine. Our approach is to share our products and education in a manner that empowers you to claim the space of wellness for yourself.

Sprinkling Cannabis Into Your Winter Skincare Regime

Cannabis, in particular naturally derived CBD products, is a new but exciting ingredient and way of self-care that’s becoming more normalized and understood everyday. Due to the explosion of CBD’s popularity you may have tried a product or are just curious to what the hype is all about. If so, sit back and enjoy this article.

CBD Winter Wellness For Beginners

If you are new to the CBD conversation you may not already know that both CBD and cannabis, the plant it comes from, are powerful allies of happy, healthy skin. CBD, one of the primary active ingredients in cannabis, is topically known for its antioxidants, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an extremely effective ingredient in combating the damage that Old Man Winter can cause our skin. Antioxidants support the body both on the skin and beneath it. In addition CBD contains vitamins like vitamin E, which can help prevent premature aging and damage to your skin. CBD can be super helpful protecting your skin from those cold, winter days.

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Can CBD Hydrate My Skin During Winter?

While more clinical research is needed, early indications are that CBD nourishes and hydrates the skin as well as supporting its healing and proper functioning as well as adding necessary oils that are needed within the layers of our skin to properly function. If you’ve ever suffered from dry, cracked skin during the cold winter months then you already know the value of hydrated and moisturized skin. In addition CBD, already known for its anti-inflammation properties and likely contributes to pain relief, and supports easing symptoms from rosacea, eczema and severe dryness. These and other potential benefits make CBD one of the most effective tools in your winter skincare first aid kit.


Where To Start or Deepen Your CBD Skincare Exploration

Nuveev has many affordable products to start or extend your CBD skincare journey in all seasons. For example, our Replenishing Facial Moisturizer can be used for any skin type, with any skin concern, at any age. It has 150mg of CBD, and a unique blend of 10 of the planet’s richest plant antioxidant extracts. These natural ingredients help restore our skin back to a happy state, while providing protection against the elements. Check out this and other holistic products here.

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