How to experience cannabis culture at port stops while on a cruise

Published Mar 7, 2019 02:03 p.m. ET

There are many major ports that cruise ships dock along the Pacific Ocean. Many of these ports now have 420 friendly tourist attractions. You can shop in cannabis stores and vape in some of the best lounges while waiting for your reservation to a cannabis restaurant.

Some of these port layovers last from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Depending on the amount of time in port you can enjoy a number of activities that you may not have guessed that the city supplies. There are probably marijuana tours offered in every major city that your cruise ship will dock in.

Typically, will be able to smoke, ingest and purchase cannabis products, however, it is illegal for you to have illegal drugs or substances on-board. Action will be taken if your cannabis products are confiscated and you could be removed from the cruise ship. A cruise line’s views are based on International law not California’s, Alaska’s or Canada’s laws.

The view of cruise lines appears to be that of a meddlingparent when the cruise line has no part in controlling what you do when off the ship and on an excursion. Hot spots for cannabis culture at these ports, those states that have legalized the herb, are waiting to be celebrated and enjoyed. These are new tourist attractions, in all the ports along the Pacific Ocean.

Here are some pot-friendly ports you can visit and find cannabis related activities:

San Francisco: this port has you sailing under the Golden Gate. Waiting for you in the port are CBD massages, beautiful vape lounges and pot-paired decadent dinners. A need-to-visit local is the Flore an iconiccafé club for gay cannabis activists. Theredelicious cocktails have a 5mg CBD infusion.


CBD massages at the St. Regis Hotel include 60 minutes of massage with essential oils. Anti- inflammatory CBD oil will ease away any pains you may have.

Perhaps you are in the port long enough to enjoy a pairing of cannabis to smoke or vape with your dinner.

Santa Barbara docking is a mile and a half off shore. The cruise ship uses shuttles to take you to land. This port has an unusual way to serve cannabis focused tourists. The cannabis stores are not close to the docks; however Blue CoastFarms will deliver products to you in a pre-arranged public area. If the only reason for getting off the ship at this port was for the cannabis culture, your visit will be short lived. There are not many cannabis activities here.

When your ship arrives in San Diego be ready for a West Coast Cannabis Tour. This company will pick you up at the dock in their specially equipped legal smoking tour bus. You can enjoy visits to grow rooms, Craft beer stores, retail cannabis stores selling product, all while enjoying the specially equipped bus that provides your smoking or vaping needs.

Vancouver, British Columbia’s stop is located close to a budding cannabis business near the port. You will be able to walk freely to the shops with no worry on legality in the Canadian port. Cannabis cafes like the New Amsterdam Café, will be sure to please your palate with the sweetest strains of cannabis that this country provides for tourists to partake. Remember to be responsible and enjoy!



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