How to discuss cannabis with your loved ones over the holidays

Published Dec 29, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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Marijuana has been a taboo subject for so long that it may feel like a difficult topic to start a conversation about. Especially if you already know that your loved ones do not approve. In this day and age with marijuana now legalized in Canada, some think that it’s now legal, so it must be accepted, but not everyone thinks that it is ok, and some even still believe it’s a gateway drug.

Now is the time to talk about your cannabis use with friends and family. It is legal for recreational use and has been for over a year now. Something to keep in mind is that the subject can be easily turned into you, defending yourself. If you and your loved one do not see eye to eye on the topic, it can become very frustrating.

Remember that prohibition is a big reason that marijuana is frowned upon as discrimination against cannabis has occurred for 100 years. So that means most people are still looking at cannabis as a “this is your brain on drugs” kind of drug. Remember the egg in the frying pan, not to mention all the other propaganda that was used to train us to believe that cannabis is horrible. Some people do have what they feel are real concerns, so it is best to come from a place of empathy when starting to talk. It is also important that you take the time to listen rather than just reply.

Everyone has their lifestyle

Educating yourself before consuming cannabis is the first thing you must remember to do. If you are talking about marijuana with a loved one, it helps to know what you are talking about. Since we live in a society that has full acceptance of alcohol, be sure to compare the two in a responsible manner as alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis . Give a reason as to why you choose to consume. Are you having some pain issues, or are you looking for the euphoria?

Remember that smoking weed is not everyone's cup of tea. Even if you are consuming for the euphoria, there are many reasons that people do so that go beyond recreational consumption . Do you have a stressful job? Or maybe you have some anxiety or depression. If you are going to open up about your cannabis use, be sure you can be honest about your reasoning behind it.



Remember, it is completely fine for people to have a difference of opinion. It is always great to have a healthy debate. Your goal shouldn’t be to change how someone thinks but to educate and hope for some understanding. Do not be pushy about your views and or reasoning ,as you are representing a large volume of people that consume cannabis so please stay classy.

A different way to consume marijuana

CBD vs THC, not everyone knows the difference between the two, so keep calm and educate about the difference. Some people have more concern with the smoking marijuana part more than anything, as inhaling smoke is not recommended, but both THC and CBD can be consumed in edibles or an oil form,  which is much healthier to remember to discuss this as well.

Federal legalization of marijuana has opened doors for those that want to partake in the bud. Not all people agree, and that will never change, but if you keep it on an educated level and not in a stoner deal with it type level, you are sure to have more success in a conversation with someone that has a different viewpoint. Please be mindful of the concern of your loved ones. Do your best to ease their fears and remember to give them some time to let things sink in. Sometimes if given time to have your debate in your mind things become a little brighter and clearer, especially with such a touchy subject like marijuana.

Please keep the conversation simple and remember you are in your legal right to consume, so now its more about opinion rather than the law. Enjoy your holiday!

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