How the rich and famous like to get high

Published Aug 29, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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The cannabis industry is booming, and there are now several different methods of cannabis consumption. It is a myth that only poor people consume weed, as that is not true. The rich and famous consume cannabis as well in similar and dissimilar ways. This is because some people are richer than others so that they often don’t consume the same drugs that everyone else does.

Rich people not only buy cannabis for the taste, but they buy it for the experience. Cannabis is like another luxury that they can afford. There are cannabis consultants that also provide advice on the types of weed that are best for them and also the method of consumption. Many rich people consume cannabis for different reasons, whether to relieve pain or enhance their mood.

Consultancy for Weed

Amy Robertson is a cannabis consultant that is hired by many well off people. She usually provides them with information of the right weed strains to suit their purpose of use and the correct dosage to take. Amy has had a wide variety of clients ranging from entertainment industry to other famous folks.

Due to the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes in several states like California, people who can afford to purchase an excessive amount of weed tend to do so. In other states such as Georgia, possession of cannabis above an ounce can cause a year in year. Although, some states allow the purchase of CBD vapes, and some offer the luxury of having a cannabis chef come around, but only if you can afford the privledge.


Some rich people may also choose to go on a cannabis vacation in countries that have legalized cannabis. Canada is a fitting destination to take a weed vacation, considering that cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use in several regions across the globe.

Weed items

Celebrities and other rich people, where possible may purchase weed-related paraphernalia. Jewelry that resembles or mimics weed is usually purchased by millionaires for thousands of dollars, and some rich people are known to flaunt their dollars on art pieces inspired by cannabis.

Beauty Products

The cannabis beauty industry is estimated to accumulate billions in years to come. Beauty products containing cannabis components such as CBD or THC is becoming quite popular on the market. The one percent is using a lot of money on these products. If you can afford it, then why not buy it?


Weed strains

Some of these rich people are very concerned about their health and wellness. As such, many of them will search for rare weed strains that are worth a lot of money. Some of these strains may have better health and therapeutic benefits than others. Robertson contends that these 1% rich people are not concerned about the weed in itself, but they are more concerned about its craft. It is more likely they will pay thousands more just for a classy packaging. It is about control.

As such, rich people are seeking products such as extracts or edibles. These products can be uniquely crafted and controlled for a more personalized experience.

The process and method of harvesting is important for people like Robertson’s clients because their health is a concern.  One company that sells top quality extract is 710 labs. After the flower is harvested, it is frozen which creates live resin, a cannabis concentrate. This process allows for the preservation of the terpenes. Terpenes are known to enhance the taste and smell of cannabis.

Consumption methods

CBD is considered a safer choice by many due to it being non-psychoactive. As a result, the rich prefer CBD vape as a method of consumption.

If the strain is rare, then it will be more costly. At special stores, the rich purchase heirloom cannabis for $100 and upwards for seven grams while poorer people purchase cannabis for a lower price from unlicensed dealers.

So it all comes to what you can financially handle as a person. If you are rich then you will have the luxury of spending some dollars on your favorite, rare cannabis strains. If you are an average everyday Joe, then you will have access to some selection, but there will always be elusive cannabis products and experiences that you simply cannot afford.

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