How some A-list celebrities spent 420 under lockdown

Published May 1, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The special day for stoners came and left us wondering how things are going to be moving forward. Is this the way we will be enjoying the comradeship that the green herb provides? Who knows for sure. However, some of our favourite celebrities came together to celebrate this important day with us, and we want to highlight a few of them.

Puff puff, but don't pass

420 public events went up in smoke. 2020 is an unprecedented year, which will be remembered as the year of "puff puff don't pass" thanks, due to the COVID pandemic that has taken hold of the country. However, a memorable holiday does not go uncelebrated, so the world virtually shared the “puff puff pass” routine instead.

After over 25 years of celebrating this holiday, this year, things were accomplished in a very different manner as lock-downs and COVID-19 threatened to destroy and end a long time celebrated event. Celebrities and others, however, found ways to celebrate 420 that will be remembered for years to come.

Who was doing what and when

The plan among organizers for celebrating this epic day in the cannabis culture included celebrations not only on day 20 in April but for the whole month of April. Blazing together was in the works for the entire month. When this didn't happen because lock-down took over, some noted celebrities felt compelled to celebrate in top-notch fashion.

1. Snoop Dogg

Snoop let us know by way of tweeting what he was going to be doing on this special day through a good morning “wake n bake” session. He was planning to be joking, toking, and loading up all day, and he made sure to invite all of us and other celebs to join him virtually in Los Angeles, CA, in honour of the release of the digital Dr. Dre's, The Chronic. Snoop started his virtual set at 4:20 pm (PST).

2. Seth Rogan

Rogan claims the lock-down has enabled him to partake in extreme amounts, and that he is grateful that weed is an essential service. For him, no truer words can be spoken. For him, this 420 was spent smoking more weed and making a vase. The idea came to him because pottery work has become a new isolation hobby for him and his wife.

3. Willie Nelson

The famous advocate, Willie Nelson, shared 4 hours and 20 min of his time, where he streamed his music and toking experience while raising funds for a project close to his heart called the Last Prisoner Project.

4. Berner


San Francisco rapper Berner was streaming a 4/20 virtual smoke session with his celeb friends; His efforts were to flatten the curb by social distancing while still celebrating the biggest of 420 holidays.

5. B Real

The Cypress Hill rapper offered a 4/20 live stream while pushing his in-store deals and promotions.

6. Wiz Khalifa and Billie Ray Cyrus

Higher Together 420 included both Wiz Khalifa and the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and together through their virtual party to celebrate 420, they raised tonnes of money for the Last Prisoner Project.

7. Mike Rita and DJ Mensa

The 7Acres Virtual Sesh saw celebs like Mike Rita, a 420 friendly comedian host the show with his celeb friend DJ Mensa all in support of keeping social distancing and celebrating the holiday.

8. Melissa Ethridge and The Pharcyde

Some of the 420 celebs we're celebrating through a virtual experience called the Highstream 420 Festival, including Melissa Ethridge and The Pharcyde. The show moved from the RFK stadium to that soft spot on the couch, due to lockdown. This was all made available courtesy of the National Cannabis Festival and the Emerald Cup.

This is a free online experience that was a tribute to Charlotte Figi and it included an ice water hash workshop with Frency Cannoli as part of the virtual celebration of the holiday. Donations collected will go to support Live Nations Crew, Drug Policy Alliance, and American for Safe Access. The 420 experience these celebrities shared with the virtual audience during this social distancing will provide funds to support the Crew Nation Fund Live Nation by matching funds up to $5 million.

Cannabis events that are either canceled or postponed due to COVID19


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