How hemp farms are saving the bees

Published Jan 16, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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When we are in the last weeks of summer, the honeybee is frantically looking for the last bits of nectar he will need to finish the season and hibernate. The issue that scientists have pointed out to us is that the bee population is declining, and there is a concern for there lasting existence. The bee is a critical part of our ecosystem, so we need to be mindful of this.

What is the cause of the decline?

Industrial agriculture, climate change, parasites, and pathogens are the main reasons for the reduction of bees. Lack of biodiversity, the loss of habitat and the pesticides used for many crops are threats to the honeybee and other wild pollinators. All the different chemicals have an apparent adverse effect on the health of these much-needed pollinators at the colony level.


The application of herbicides tends to kill many other non-crop plants in abundance. That is drastically taking food away from bees and other pollinators. Thus, making it difficult for them to survive as the number of wild plants are eradicated.

Bees help feed us

Every single kind of food that we enjoy is thanks to the bees and other pollinators. The farmers here in Canada know how much we rely on these little bees to eat and to continue to keep food on the table. Although we do have a rise of beekeepers here in Canada, there is still much work to do if we want to increase the amount of food that the bees and other pollinators have and need to thrive.

Hemp Farms


In Canada, we have hemp farms, and it is looking like our bee friends are enjoying the hemp plants. That is some terrific news. These plants flower at the end of their cycle, and they produce the right number of flowers for the bees and other pollinators, who are very much enjoying the large farming fields of hemp.

Hemp farming is a sustainable way to have access to so many things like paper, clothing, food, and building materials. There is something to be said if the bees are now benefiting from a field of hemp. Along with all the hemp products, this plant is a truly eco-friendly sustainable crop, which is why hemp should be very much encouraged to farm.

The bees tend to prefer taller plants. The reason for this is not well-known yet as studies continue to be performed on bees and how they interact with the hemp plant. We are not surprised that hemp farming is attractive to the bees. This miracle plant has only proven vast amounts of positives in regard to health and the environment.

We hope this will encourage people to pay attention to the insects that make our lives better in a day and age, where we are living in times of erratic weather and many other climate change issues that seem to be beyond our reach .So if the hemp plant is something that can use to help make our environment better then why wouldn’t we take full advantage of that amazing opportunity.

To help save and feed the bees and ourselves steps are necessary, as we are a part of one big ecosystem, and everything living on this planet plays a roll in our survival and the planet's survival. Hemp farms are necessary for many reasons and the bees just made another great argument for it. Save the bees and they will help save us in the end.

Hemp use on the construction site


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