How cannabis has influenced art

Published Jun 13, 2019 10:19 a.m. ET
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Cannabis has influenced art in so many ways. There are different types of art forms such as music, paintings, and even the creation of films. Cannabis enhances one's creativity. It is like a stimulant or drives for creativity. William Shakespeare was known to consume cannabis to inspire his literary work.

An artist's personality is critical to his or her creativity, but studies have shown that artists consume different strains of cannabis that match their personality to enhance their creativity. Indica strain of marijuana can calm artists who suffer anxiety while sativa may help to enhance an artist’s mood and motivate him or her.

Alanis Morissette, among other singers, believes that despite their creative ability, smoking marijuana allows them to portray another creative side to their music. Also, Glen Little used cannabis to ease his pain from injuries he sustained from his professional skiing. He soon later started to paint. He said that smoking has inspired his paintings and so his reality. His paintings are truly creative and awe-inspiring.

Furthermore, Cathy Lee creates paintings that are reflective of the cannabis plant. Trog is a famous cannabis artist. His paintings work has been displayed at many cannabis events such as Hempfest, Kush Cup LA, Kush Expo, among others. His artistic work is inspired by Mary Jane, Stanley Mouse, and other artists. Trog uses vibrant colors to depict his love of cannabis. His book called, ‘Killer Weed Coloring Book' that was featured in Ganjapreneur. He also creates t-shirts, posters as well as cannabis products.

Is there any relation between cannabis and art? Dr. Alice Weaver Flaherty, neurologist, specializing in deep brain stimulation, states that cannabis can stimulate the frontal lobe of the brain. This area contains cannabinoid receptors that bind with THC entering the bloodstream. It is more active in creative people.

Also, the effect of cannabis is based on dosage intake. It is important to remember that everyone responds differently to cannabis. If artists take the right dosage that works well for them, it could very well heighten their imaginative mind and as a result, enhance their creative work.

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Considering that legalization of marijuana use has become widespread, many more artistic people will use the weed to influence and inspire their work. Legalization has taken place in the United States and Canada, among other countries. The changing trend of the cannabis culture has allowed more artists to give credit to the plant for their creative work.

Cannabis is also represented in films on a larger scale nowadays. There is always a stereotype attached towards a person who smokes in the film to be a carefree person, open to the imaginative world. The stoner comedy film, ‘Up in Smoke’ shows that cannabis is a friendly drug. Vape company products like Ooze are influenced by art and cannabis.

Furthermore, there is an increase in the attraction to cannabis, and the cannabis tourism market is expanding rapidly. As a result, companies create display events for lovers of art. Some of these cannabis events are inspired by artistic work influenced by cannabis, such as PUFF. This creates an avenue where consumers of cannabis can come together and create a vibe.

Several art related events are launched within the cannabis community. An example of a cannabis event that features art culture is Far Out Factory. Finally, the influence of cannabis on artistic work will continue for years to come.



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