How cannabis could be a fun spark in a new or old relationship

Published Jun 12, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET
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If the spark is flickering in your relationship, and you need a little help to ignite those passionate feelings to rise again, learning how to smoke marijuana with your partner may be just what is required. Sharing a weed bong brings togetherness, eases tensions, and can help the sexual part of your relationship be amazing, again.

Marijuana cookies could be a perfect addition to your evening enjoyment. You and your partner can include marijuana cookies as an appetizer for your sensual evening.

Learning how to smoke marijuana can be the catalyst that your relationship needs.  It can be fun and inspiring for you, and your partner.  Sex, while high is much more satisfying than sex with a sloppy drunk partner can be. The relaxing feeling and loss of inhibitions are perfect for an evening of sex and returning the spark to your relationship.

Sharing a weed bong with your partner is a great way to enhance your senses. Your body is known to release its endocannabinoids during your orgasm, using your bong as an appetizer is a great way to add to the foreplay. Blood flow is increased; this is powerful for the male and assists him with maintaining an erection. Don’t worry, the female will enjoy the sensual increased circulation that is presented throughout the vagina, and the warmth that will be felt in the vaginal area will be delivered within minutes of achieving a high. The orgasm will be more intense and obtained with more intensity for you, and your partner's pleasure.

To keep the positive intensity of your relationship or just give it an encouraging additive, marijuana, perhaps in the form of a marijuana cookie will have you back on the sensual fun sparked path.

Relationships are not all about sexual activity, conversation, and other forms of communication are a vital part of keeping the new, or old relationship sweet and encouraging.

Sharing a bong hit before your date or meal with your old flame, or perhaps a new relationship can make that meal even more delicious than the waiter has described the dish to you. The food will smell and taste superb; this will lead to the path of comfortable, enjoyable conversation over your meal. However, watch out for those munchies, the idea is to enjoy the company of your partner as well as the food.

Choosing a strain for those intimate nights or days when learning how to smoke marijuana with your partner is an important addition to the way that cannabis will promote more healthy conversations. Increased laughter will aid in relieving stress, and perhaps help to reduce and hypertension conditions that you may have.


Strains that will help to encourage and promote the feelings of passion in relationships, new or existing.

Sour Diesel will encourage those giggles and chats with your partner making for a fun and exciting night

Super Kush: perfect strain for sharing with your partner while enjoying a cozy night in to ignite that spark or perhaps encourage the spark that you and your partner used to enjoy. This relaxing Indica is perfect for deepening the intimacy and romantic feelings for your partner

Durban Cookies: will help to spice things up providing an encouraging spark of energy that can always be enjoyed with a partner

VooDoo: is an amazing sativa strain that promises to improve your orgasms and spark up those intimate moments. The specific combinations of cannabinoids in this strain make orgasms more satisfying necessary for a satisfying and happy sex life

Cannabis alone cannot be the only spark to help improve your relationship. Relationships are hard work and using cannabis can be a pleasant tool for helping to achieve a happy, wholesome refreshed or new relationship. Enjoy!



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