How cannabis bars will offer an entirely unique experience

Published Jun 10, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Right now, most who reside in legal regions have access to very few cannabis specific amenities aside from dispensaries. It’s a common theme that seems to be caused by some concern surrounding how we should license or regulate facilities that allow on-site cannabis consumption, but as consumers push for the opportunity to visit cannabis-specific events, and venues, one of the very first businesses we’ll see is some version of a cannabis bar, also known as a cannabis lounge.

Many are expecting these cannabis businesses to follow a similar path as traditional alcohol-serving bars, where the cannabinoids are served in drink form, while music plays loud, and a dance floor is pretty much always available. The thing is that this belief comes from the fact that it’s hard for most people to fathom anything that could be significantly different than what we already know, but we’re here to tell you that cannabis users are a completely different breed, with expectations that go beyond what your average dive bar that sells alcohol has to offer.

A higher state of mind

What cannabis users want most is a place where they can feed their craving for a really good buzz, but what that means from one person to the next, as you probably know, is difficult to say. Some want a thick cloud of vape smoke that they won’t feel bad about inhaling, while others will lean towards something more intoxicating and long-lasting, like edibles. Someday cannabis bars could serve all of the pot products you could ever dream up, and they’re going to be able to pull it off all under one roof.


Sometimes, it’s not about what you can buy, but it’s about the security you feel while enjoying a night out on the town, and cannabis bars will be the perfect place to begin this practice. Right now, the bartender is going to cut you off if you drink too much alcohol, but that’s about all for interaction or assistance you can expect. It facilitates designs specifically for cannabis consumption, there may be a guiding hand to help you along the way, to both monitor your intake and help if things happen to get out of hand.

A focus on comfort

Most clubs will boast a giant open dancefloor where patrons can shake what their mama gave them after getting fueled up on booze. It’s a great space to let out a tonne of energy and to rub up against a bunch of strangers if that’s your sorta thing, but it’s not exactly conducive to the cannabis experience that most consumers are looking for, nor does it compliment the effects of THC.

Sure in some cases, you’ll want to dance or sing your heart out, and there will probably be several cannabis bars that feature this opportunity, but the majority are most likely to put an emphasis on comfort and relaxation. One example of this could be a cannabis bar and spa, where customers could buy and use cannabis while benefiting from soothing activities that complement the effects of cannabis.

Think big, comfy couches, warm and welcoming gathering spaces, gentle colors and artwork, and stimulating activities that can often be done in the sitting down position, like video games or game watching. Whether you want to get comfortable for a party, or you just want to mingle and sort of laze around while enjoying the high, this is going to be one of the best places to do it.

On the other hand, some of these cannabis spaces might do just the opposite to cater towards a different mood by offering things like warrior courses, golf, rock climbing, or bowling. Still, you can bet your bottom dollar that no matter what kinds of things any one place has to keep customers entertained, comfortable spaces to rest will always be a number one priority.

Soothing vibes

The energy that is produced when a giant crowd of stoners gathers is amazing, but it’s also pretty low key, especially when you compare it to what can too often be found in alcohol-serving establishments. Alcohol tends to fuel things like fighting, as well as other loud behaviours, whereas cannabis truly does offer the peace and love-filled vibes that are generally attached to cannabis culture. So those who want a quieter, less stressful space to enjoy their green will finally have a place to go.

Cannabis specific services

When you go to the average bear, you’ll be lucky to find things like good food or a music machine that can be controlled for a price. This is typical because there really isn’t very much that drinkers want, and if there is, then, no one is giving it to them. Cannabis bars, on the other hand, will need things like vaporizers or bongs on hand to rent, and some might even offer to turn your flower into a concentrate right before your eyes. Stoners are surprisingly high maintenance, and the purpose of these facilities will be to accommodate that.

When will cannabis bars finally arrive

Cannabis bars, lounges, and cafes do exist in some places, but very few are functioning with a license, and those that are, are inaccessible for most consumers. It’s a sad state of affairs, but also only temporary as long as we continue to demand from our governments, access to better, more evolved cannabis businesses.

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