Hosting your dream weed wedding

Published Mar 15, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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This divine plant is the perfect theme for your special day. It’s spiritual, a great way to bond, and for many couples, a lifestyle they’re proud to celebrate together surrounded by close friends and family members. 420-friendly weddings are quickly becoming a popular option, with companies creating entire lines dedicated to helping enthusiasts plan this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, widening the possibilities, opening up a whole new elegant world of fashion, design, and magic.

The look

A weed wedding dress might sound out of this world and, depending on your perception, a little bit tacky, but what if instead you opted for accessories like this or this, which both allow you to lavish in the more traditional gown of your dreams while still celebrating the beauty and importance of the plant.

Elevated snack table

This is one of the most popular weed wedding ideas, and it’s one of the easiest to do, as long as you’re willing to put a little work in. Cannabis-infused treats are always warmly welcomed, and they help to keep guests elevated, full and satisfied as they socialize. Of course, non-infused food and drink should still be provided, but this is one incredible way for the lucky couple to show off their affinity for cannabis.


Whether you love the party vibes of bright, vibrant balloons, snack toppers, and banners, or elegance and delicate creams are more your style, there is a bit of something for every couple when it comes to cannabis décor.

The kiss

After completing the most important promises you’ll ever make, it’s time to seal the deal with a kiss, and some couples are choosing to add cannabis to the mix. Whether it’s a seductive sharing of smoke or simply toking together, you’ve got a few options to contemplate, and all of them are quite unique. This might not be the most traditional way to end this ceremony, but it’s a whole lot of fun that helps to take the edge off at such a pivotal moment in time.



The throwing of a bouquet is believed to bring good luck to the one who manages to catch it, and it’s also a beautiful accessory that makes it into pictures, so why not make it yours by adding cannabis? Use branches with buds or fan leaves instead of or to complement more traditional flowers. It looks wonderful and leaves plenty of room for personalization.

Weed wedding cake

Wedding cakes are the highlight of this spectacular day, but they’re often quite basic, with whites and cream colours. This isn’t a bad thing, as it’s tradition, but there are ways to spice things up while still including cannabis. Many bakers and decorators offer a wide range of cannabis wedding cake designs, even if they don’t necessarily advertise the possibility, and their results are absolutely amazing.

Rolling and/or toking station

When it’s time to shift the formal ceremony into more of a party complete with music and good times, it’s the ideal environment to complete with the addition of a rolling and or toking station. Here you could offer a wide range of options from papers, bongs, and grinders to vapes, concentrate lighters, or ashtrays. Keep your guests happy and elevated in the spirit of togetherness with this tasteful addition.

A token of appreciation

One of the oldest wedding ideas is to provide guests with some sort of gift or souvenir to take home to either remember or prolong the vibe of the experience. It’s a beautiful gesture to those who made the time to take part in this special day, so why not make it all about the plant you know and love. Add a hand-rolled joint, tie the bags with hemp twine, and if your budget allows, include additions like small pipes or papers. This way everyone will go home happy and have something to remember from this special occasion.

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