Handy tips for finding weed in a new city

Published Mar 3, 2019 02:16 p.m. ET

 Whether you are heading out on vacation or just relocating to a town where you don’t have any contacts, figuring out how to find weed in a new city can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Luckily you aren’t out of luck and if you try these easy tips for finding weed in a new city than you are more than likely to score something to make your stay a bit more enjoyable.

1. Local nightlife

No matter where you end up there is almost always a club or bar of some kind. If you are wondering how to find weed on vacation this may be your best bet, chances are the majority of other people you mingle with will also be tourists making the search even more challenging. While the bar may not be filled with locals, most bartenders have the low down on who to visit if you’re looking to score. Even if they don’t want to introduce you, they will likely see a chance to make money. Finding weed especially while on vacation is probably going to cost you a bit more than it normally does since you will likely go through a middleman of sorts, but it’s still a perfectly viable option that is much better than going without. Bartenders are not your only option, valets and waitresses also tend to be in the know as far as local spots to pick up.

2. GreenMed

Whether you are looking for how to find weed on vacation or are just finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings one of the easiest ways to find pot is to download GreenMed. With locations all over the world, GreenMed will utilize your phones GPS to find you the closest dispensaries and offer a feature where you can search by the product you want rather than having to sift through tons of listings to find something specific. They will show you who has it in stock right now, business hours, and directions on how to get there including contact information like phone numbers, emails, and in some cases even live chat. While they are currently restricted to listings in countries where medical marijuana is legal, that now includes so much of the world that chances are GreenMed will have you covered.

3. Find a college or university


Everyone knows that marijuana use is somewhat an expected part of the higher education experience. Any college or university is likely to have more connections present during the day than anywhere else. Of course, we do not recommend just walking around and asking strangers unless that's your thing. Instead, befriend some of the friendlier students and then put out the feelers for others in the group that may be like-minded with access to some green. If you aren’t feeling up to making friends than justwalk around campus. You are almost guaranteed to find someone hanging out on a lawn or balcony getting stoned. Wander until you spot someone and ask them straight up if they would be willing to help. Though not ideal, this is one of the most effective ways of finding weed in a new city.

4. Ask the neighbors

This option is one of last resort, as many simply do not yet have the confidence to let everyone and anyone know that they partake. However, if you are somewhere where marijuana is legal and especially if you are on vacation in temporary accommodations where your neighbors will only last a few days at most then asking a neighbor for a weed connection could be just as simple as asking to borrow a cup of sugar. Remember, a person doesn’t have to be a local to have some green on hand so that this tactic could work in a variety of situations.

4. Online purchases

While ordering online is never an instant solution, it can be difficult depending on the length of your stay, the are many websites that offer expedited shipping that can have a package delivered anywhere within a few days. What many don’t realize is that even hotels must allow delivery people in to drop off packages. Sometimes things are held at the main counter, and other times they will send them right up to your room. Either way, if you have no other choice or don’t mind a slight wait than online may be the best way to find weed in a strange new place until you manage to get established and make some connections of your own.



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