Getting high shouldn't be a competition

Published Oct 30, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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We’ve all heard the jokes and bragging, especially among friends with statements like “I smoke a whole ounce in a sitting” or “That’s a piddly little joint”, so it's easy to see how consumption amounts and frequency could quickly turn competitive. Some enthusiasts actually live by this idea that the only true stoner is one who can out smoke, out vape, and outeat anyone who challenges them, and though we’re first to give props to those who are seasoned for their knowledge and experience, we think it’s time to call out this habit for what it is—potentially hazardous.

Is it dangerous to compete with cannabis?

Technically there is nothing inherently dangerous that the average person has to worry about when it comes to competing with cannabis. In most cases, those who take too much of it can simply sleep it off, and fun competitions can be a great thing to try, as long as the right people are included. However, egging on someone who has less experience, or a lower tolerance could result in a long and harrowing journey for them as they try to keep up with the instigator to an uncomfortable end.

Taking too much can increase your risk of experiencing adverse effects

Too much cannabis isn’t something that’s going to physically hurt most people, but it can send them spiraling down into a pit of confusion, nausea, fear, or panic, and what’s worse is that they’re going to remember the experience, which could turn them off of the idea of trying it again in the future. Greening out can be overwhelming, exhausting, and yes, dangerous to all those around, and it’s never a fun time, which is why this is something all enthusiasts should avoid.

Each person seeks a unique experience

We talk about tolerance as if it’s a medal of honor to be worn, the real proof of our many years of use, and to some extent, that is true, but not everyone is looking for the same experience as you. Some people enjoy a light, fuzzy feeling that’s just enough to make them giggle without feeling too impaired, while stereotypically, most assume that more is somehow better. The occasional individual wants to get so stoned that they can’t see straight, and that’s ok too, but it’s important to acknowledge the difference in preferences between the two.


Every individual reacts differently to cannabinoids

For some, it might only take a puff to get to the same place an ounce might take a seasoned consumer, so every person's journey is unique. You might not even feel a 10mg edible while your friend only needs a tiny piece to get high. This isn’t just something that’s based on experience or tolerance either, and so far, science has yet to give us an answer for why, but we do know that every person process and feels cannabinoids in a unique way.

It’s so much better to use the right amount than it is to keep up with the crowd

It might be fun to join a little friendly competition among friends or strangers, as long as you feel comfortable with the invitation, but no matter what, the only important thing should be your goals as a consumer. If you want a light stimulating buzz that keeps you energized, then do it up, and if you love the tingly sensation of taking several hits in a row, then go for it! When a puff is all you need, speak up and say so, and if you just aren’t in the mood, no one should guilt you into partaking. It really is just so much better for everyone when we seek to meet individual needs rather than competitive urges.

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