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Published Dec 23, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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It used to be difficult for cannabis consumers to connect openly, but now we’ve got access to a host of professionally delivered activities that meet the needs and dreams of enthusiasts, and it’s a fantastic world to explore. Whether you’re looking to fill an hour, a whole day, or several in a row with green-inspired and themed fun, you’ll find something incredible to do in this exciting list.

1. Puff and paint

If you’d like to embrace your inner artist with the help of cannabinoids and terpenes, which provide full-body relaxation as well as inspiration and a boost of creativity for the mind, then you might want to check out a puff and paint session. Here you’ll create works of art with skilled guidance that you can hang and keep forever in memory of the occasion. Generally, everything you need for this journey is provided with the occasional exception of weed, so be sure to check before you book.

2. Ganja yoga

Some say that a little bit of yoga can do wonders for both the body and mind, which is why the activity goes so well with the soothing nature of cannabis, which can put us in touch with our more spiritual sense of self and block out any potential distractions for a set amount of time. It’s great for improving flexibility, clearing your thoughts, and unwinding, though you might need a bit to recover once it’s over because it is physically demanding too, which is great for toning muscles.

3. Edibles cooking classes

Just about every stoner has at least tasted the glory that is pot brownies because they’re one of the easiest recipes out there, but if you want to truly experience a level of culinary skill that goes beyond your average cannabis-infused dessert, then you might want to consider taking an edibles class. Here you can learn things about taste and aroma pairings while honing your abilities in the kitchen. You’ll also garner helpful insight on how to do things like hiding the taste of weed and controlling potency, two essential skills that every cannaisseur should master to get the most out of edibles.

4. 420 tours

Cannabis tours can last for anywhere from 30 minutes to an entire week, depending on the areas you’d like to explore, and they offer a great way to connect more deeply with the culture for what it was, is, and eventually will be. Some might take you to see historical sites, while museums provide an educational opportunity, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to get in on an active cannabis company like a farm or production facility to see what it takes to go from seed to shelf.

5. Bud and breakfast

Looking to get away for a night or two of cannabis-inspired bliss? If so, then we highly recommend a stay through one of many friendly bud and breakfast locations. Here you’ll lavish in luxury as all of your needs are met by professionals who strive to provide the ultimate vacation experience. Most offer nice, comfortable beds, clean rooms, and safe spaces to consume, and a few go the extra mile by leaving cannabis-themed gifts for guests, serving delicious edibles, and boasting an entire menu of pot products that can be conveniently delivered to you in the comfort of a private room.

6. Extraction facilities


You can find accessible extraction services through several different types of cannabis-themed venues, such as lounges or dispensaries, and sometimes they’re even offered right at home on the farm. Essentially, they (a business) provide all of the tools you’ll need to turn your fresh, green herb into something magical like rosin or oil, and they help you as you learn how to go through the motions. For those who haven't seen this done and anyone who’d like to turn some extra flower into something new, it’s both an educational and exciting activity that’s worth trying.

7. Cannabis Cafe

Cannabis cafes offer everything you’d expect at a normal coffee shop, with a few twists that are pretty awesome. Certain locations allow open consumption, while others provide cannabinoid goodness through a wide range of coffee, tea, or treats that are all infused with cannabis. They might not be the most exciting stop on this list, but they do offer a low-key, comfortable experience that any real consumer will appreciate, making this the perfect date night option, or chill spot with friends.

8. Cannabis friendly treehouse staycations

If you like glamping in style, then you might want to search for the closest treehouse near you to accommodate stoners. It might sound like something out of a comic book, but it’s true! You can get elevated while hanging out several feet in the air with amenities such as electricity and running water paired with a breathtaking view. Of course, each place is slightly different, but the majority provide similarly to ‘bud and breakfasts’ only in a sky-high location that is often surrounded by nature.

9. 420-friendly comedy shows

THC is known to make us more prone to giggles, so why not pair that with a hilarious show that supports local talent? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you book one of these. Sometimes big comedians will hit the stage like Trailer Park Boys or Cheech and Chong, but it’s often the lesser exposed names that highlight the act, and it’s great. Unfortunately, indoor consumption isn’t typically allowed at comedy shows. However, you can expect a convenient, comfortable and safe place to indulge which is perfect for hitting during breaks between acts.

10. Cannabis lounge

Cannabis cafes generally focus on recreating the small mom-and-pop vibe with a variety of green offerings, and lounges take things further by introducing a form of entertainment to the space as well as amenities such as bong or vape rentals and more. People often compare lounges to bars because they boast a similar vibe, often playing upbeat music and hosting activities that stoners love, like video games or sports nights with your favourite competitive teams playing on the big screen. Each one will have a different theme, but no matter what it is, you’ll discover a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

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