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Published Feb 1, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Pot parties are the next big thing, with both consumers and party designers coming up with brand new ways to enjoy social gatherings 420-style every single day. It’s a cool niche that’s only growing as people become more open to the idea of serving up some delicious cannabis goodies to friends and family, but it’s still relatively new, so not everyone knows where to start.

You’ll need to come up with invitations, decorations, and activities to keep everyone in the mood, and it’s important to research local laws to avoid breaking them, but one of the hardest decisions by far is almost always the menu. If you’re new to this scene, then you might not want to attempt a full-blown infused meal, and that’s where a complete snack table comes in handy.

What makes a good, infused snack food?

Great snacks are a matter of opinion, but when you’re throwing a party, it’s best to keep things like cleanliness in mind. Foods that don’t require utensils are always a bonus, and those that can be divided into small-sized portions to help guests keep better track of their consumption are better for everyone. If it can fit in a small individual serving cup or muffin liner and be made easier to grab with a quick stab of a toothpick, then you’re really on a roll.

1. Weed chocolate

Nothing is simpler or more appealing than weed chocolate, and since it’s so commonly available in dispensaries, it’s also an easy snack to serve alongside critical information like THC content because you’ll find those answers right on the package. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to make your own, then you should head on over to our guide.

2. THC gummies

THC gummies aren’t always the most popular, but that’s because there are so many brands that rely on awful tasting concentrates like distillate to infuse them. Find a local supplier who goes to greater lengths to care about taste, and a few different types will make the perfect addition to your pot party's snack table. For a DIY gummies recipe, follow the link down below.

How to make THC gummies

3. Canna-cookies

Yeah, yeah, we know, a weed brownie isn’t typically the most exciting edible because they’re so common, but if you find a maker that uses high-quality ingredients, it might just be the most enjoyed addition to your menu. They’re also really easy to toss together.

4. Infused Nanaimo bar

Nanaimo bars are the perfect combination of rich cocoa and smooth, creamy filling, and all that goodness stays contained in a neat, little square that’s easy to cube and serve. Our recipe turns out delightfully solid, with a rich taste and potency that can’t be beaten.

5. Weedsicles


Weedsicles offer a refreshing way to cool down and elevate simultaneously, and they’re really easy to make in a variety of flavours to please a crowd. Whether you’ve got a sweet chocolate tooth or a craving for something fruity, we’ve got you covered!

6. Stoney rice crispy squares

If you’re looking for a low dosed snack option that’s really easy to make with minimal time to spare, then you should definitely head on over to our guide. There’s nothing better than canna-buttery squares that are minimally infused for ultimate control over the effects.

7. THC juice

THC juice crystals make easy work of a giant jug of juice that’s perfectly dosed and ready to mix with water. A bit of H2O and magic happens instantly turning this simple liquid into an infused delight. Alternatively, THC isn’t too terribly difficult to make from scratch, and we’ve got a guide that will show you how.

8. THC infused ice cream

If you plan on offering any kind of candy, then there’s nothing that pairs better than a scoop full of rich, creamy homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt. Though it does need to be kept cold, with the help of a cooler, ice and individual serving bowls, it shouldn’t be an issue to keep packed throughout the festivities for guests to enjoy.

9. Canna-smoothies

Cannabis-infused smoothies are the best treat on a hot day, and they’re relatively easy to make in large batches to serve a crowd. Fill each one with your favourite fruit, dose each serving according to personal preferences, and at the same time, you’ll be giving everyone a refreshing boost of nutrients with a side of buzz.

10. Cannabutter banana bread squares

Banana bread or really any other soft, dense dessert bread is perfect for pot parties because it’s easy to make several loaves as long as you’ve got the time to spare, and it’s a clean snack that won’t leave behind a sticky mess.

These 5 finger foods are easy to make with cannabis


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