Everything you need to know about the Hempfest Cannabis Expo

Published Mar 29, 2019 11:39 a.m. ET

With marijuana legalization in full effect right across Canada, it should come as no surprise that various companies, entrepreneurs, and stoners alike would need a place to mingle, explore, learn, and socialize all while having the time of their lives. This is something many marijuana using Canadians have waited ages for, and it turns out they aren’t the only ones. With access to cannabis being so new, a group of organizers gathered together to plan what has now been officially named Hempfest. Hempfest takes place for the first time in February of this year. An event meant to give cannabis users hands on access, education for visitors and a chance to try goods and product ideas to be shared with a crowd in a way that has never happened before.

What is Hempfest?

Hempfest Canada is an event set to take place in Winnipeg, Canada which will host hundreds of different vendors, entrepreneurs, demonstrators, speakers, and exhibitors all in one place over a three day schedule. Just a few of the things you would expect to see there would be marijuana edibles, hemp products, cannabis related job postings, marijuana plants, any device you could ever imagine for smoking cannabis and so much more. Watch the glass master artists from Bayshore and Glass blow exquisite new designs right before your eyes. Taste test edibles, oils, bud and more all while listening to music and taking in educational seminars surrounding the benefits of using and growing cannabis. Speakers will be motivational, farmers, manufacturers, testers, scientists, and vendors from local areas to give you an idea of the products they carry in store. At Hempfest, there is a little something for everyone who is 420 friendly no matter what your age or experience levels.

When is it?

Hempfest will take place on Saturday, February 23 to Sunday, February 24 from 12PM-8PM. Cost is $25 per attendee at the gate or $20 if purchased in advance.

Where is it?


The event will take place at the RBC Convention Center which is located at 375 York Ave in downtown Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Featured vendors for 2019

This is only a partial list of the main featured vendors and presenters. For a full list visit the Hempfest Facebook or Twitter pages.

  • Crop King Seeds
  • Cannadora
  • Cannabis Code
  • Duco
  • K9 MEdia
  • Die Smokes Coffee
  • Quarry Park Law
  • Canada’s Hemp Story
  • Med Man Brand
  • Alfa Leaf
  • Cannafarm
  • Amethstone
  • Epicure
  • Delta 9
  • Agile Medical Supply
  • Greentech Environment
  • Kush Oil
  • Kush and Canvasses

Why should you go?

Hempfest is Canada’s very first legal marijuana based gathering that is entirely legal and even encouraged by neighboring communities. This experience is one for the history books with a professional and almost elegant touch that will help to defeat the stigma that so many cannabis users have dealt with for years. Enjoy the results of the hard work put in by thousands of individuals including politicians, citizens, and activists who helped to pave the way for this change we are so fortunate to experience today. This action packed weekend is meant to celebrate them, and to learn about marijuana in a safe and healthy environment without any fear of reprisal.



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