Eight awesome ways to celebrate 420

Published Apr 20, 2019 10:25 a.m. ET

Cannabis prohibition has a long and relatively misunderstood history, and most people seem to attribute 420 celebrations to official protests, which begs the question of why they are still happening or warranted after pot becomes legal. Though the term was used in nationwide protests, it has an entirely different meaning to many who have deeper roots in weed culture. 420 is defined as a reference to marijuana or the act of smoking it, and a special occasion for celebrating or smoking of cannabis. Its origins go back even further and are believed to have started in California as a term coined by a group of high schoolers back in 1971 who used to meet every few days to search for an abandoned weed patch.

Though no-one can say for sure, 420 has become a national symbol of recognition for pot smokers everywhere, and now that many regions have adopted marijuana legalization laws that allow citizens to possess and grow their own pot there are massive celebrations being hosted all over the world on and around April 20 AKA 420. Whether you are looking for some awesome event to explore or find yourself in need of some home focused inspiration, we’ve got you covered with eight awesome ideas to ring in this 420.

1. Weed expos

Now that legal marijuana is such a booming industry several educational and exciting exhibitions will be taking place either on or around 420 this year. Featuring world famous speakers, entertainers, vendors, manufacturers, and thousands of spectators from around the world. Here are our favourites so far:  

  • O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo Toronto
  • Niagara Falls 420 Expo
  • Canadian Cannabis Summit
  • ICannworld Toronto
  • 2019 Capital Conference Toronto

2. A small gathering of friends with a movie

Whether you prefer to stay in and take in a classic like Cheech and Chong’s up in Smoke or want to hit the theatres for new releases like Silver Lake, Rafiki, or the latest Avengers which is set to show on the big screens on April 25 and 26. There is nothing better than a low key session with your closest friends to celebrate marijuana legalization this year.

3. Check out a concert

There are so many incredible concerts scheduled for April 20th this year that there is something for almost every taste in music. There are some pretty high-profile entertainers including RuPaul, Siavash Ghomayshi, Morrissey, and more. Here is a list of concerts that we highly recommend, just remember to check the rules before bringing any weed, as most will have smoking restrictions which may also apply to both vaping and smoking marijuana.  

  • RuPaul Concert - Toronto
  • SIK-K FL1P World Tour - Vancouver
  • Siavash Ghomayshi - Toronto
  • Metric at Stampede Corral - Calgary
  • Neko Case - Ottawa
  • The Showcase Tour - Montreal

4. Local 420 festivals

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to check out some local vendors creations and entertainment this 420 holiday, then there are plenty of options to choose from. The best part about these festivals is that they take place outdoors where there will always be a place that you can safely and legally vape or smoke pot without having to stray too far from the festivities. Here are just a few of the biggest 420 festivals planned for this year.

  • Toronto 420 Festival
  • 420 Comedy Festival Toronto
  • Funk Fest 420 Toronto
  • Cannabis Career Festival Toronto
  • 420 Celebration Windsor
  • HempFest Cannabis Hamilton

5. Host a 420 party

420 parties can be a great way to get together with old friends and enjoy the holiday in a more familiar and comfortable setting. The best part about this kind of marijuana legalization celebration can be completely personalized and tailored to suit all of your potential guest’s needs. There are popular options like marijuana edibles, cannabis burn parties, delectable desserts, snacks, or full on three-course cannabis-infused menus. The choice is yours and can be completed under almost any budget if you make everything at home. Use online weed infused recipes or ask for help from a friend. Decorations can be made by hand or purchased online in a pot leaf print that is a simple yet impressive addition to any party. If you are really lucky and live in the greater Toronto area, then there is even a caterer that can suit this very need for up to 200 people called The Green Chef. No matter which way you go just remember to always offer snacks and drinks that aren’t infused to keep guests from consuming too much unintentionally.


6. Comedy shows

Looking for a good laugh at a fair price this 420? There is a whole lineup of comedians who are scheduled to take the stage. Some are with while others are without weed inspired jokes in hand so if stereotypical stoner jokes aren’t your style you’ve still got plenty of options. Here are just a few of the hottest comedy shows coming this April 20.

  • Comedy night London
  • Blackball Comedy Pro Show Kitchener
  • 420 Comedy Show with Mike Rita and Friends Toronto
  • Holi Festival of Colors London
  • The Superstars of Comedy London
  • SHADE Toronto
  • Paul Luke Figure Everything Show St. Catherines

7. Make a pot infused meal

Some might prefer to celebrate marijuana legalization in a quieter way, either alone, with a spouse, or select few friends. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to an entire day of festivities, but a nice sit-down meal takes only a couple of hours to prepare at most, and marijuana edibles are quite simple to throw together with little time and experience. Just be sure to follow the proper guidelines, know your limit and do your best to stay within it. Here are a few easy ideas for infusing some unique meal items that a lot of people don’t know about.

  1. Cannabis oil- There are many ways to combine cannabis oil to infuse some of the best recipes out there with a minor bit of adjusting. You can use it in place of traditional cooking oils when baking marijuana edible desserts like brownies or cakes without affecting the recipe’s texture. Some people like to use it to sear meats, veggies, or potatoes, but overheating this type of oil is never recommended. If the temperature of the oil gets too high, it will begin to degrade the cannabinoids within it. So, you can use it in those circumstances as well, but it certainly isn’t the most efficient way to absorb the THC as most of it is wasted. Some oils can also be added to salad dressings, gravy, and other sauce recipes for a quick and easy cannabis-infused dish.

  2. Cannabutter- Cannabutter is versatile but doesn’t last as long in storage as other pot infused bases. It can be used in place of butter in any recipe that you can think of. Add a tablespoon to a cup of gravy, oatmeal, coffee, or baked goods like Rice Krispies squares and fresh toast. Fry up some pancakes, eggs, bacon, or grilled cheese and cannabutter will instantly infuse the dish. Cannabutter can be used in 80% of recipes and good to keep on hand or prepare before it’s needed for convenience.

  3. Pot-infused tincture - Tinctures are an alcohol-based marijuana concentrate and have semi-limited ability to be combined in most recipes. For instance, a whiskey-based cannabis concentrate would be a delightful marinade for a steak or chicken breast, but others like vodka which is so frequently used may end up inedible due to the flavor. Your best bet with weed infused tinctures is to create cocktail recipes that call for whatever alcohol is included. This can help to mask the earthy taste and make one product into several in a matter of minutes.

  4. Pure herb- Dry cannabis is typically used to infuse other products like butter, oil, or alcohol to make a concentrated form that is easy to add into regular meals, but it can also be used on its own. The only downside to this is that the bud grind does change the texture of whatever you put it into, but after decarboxylation, there is no further preparation needed to add pot to any dish. Sprinkle a little bit onto salads, mix it into raw hamburger grind to make meatballs or hamburgers, or add it to smoothies, sauces, gravies, brownie or cake batters. The benefit of infusing an edible with this method is that it isn’t overly sensitive to heat once combine with other wet ingredients, so there isn’t as much concern for a loss of potency. Just remember, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis before adding it to recipes to convert the THCA into THC which is what gets you high.

8. Video game night

There is nothing more stereotypical than a pothead smoking weed while playing video games, but any who have had the pleasure of playing a fun game while high knows that there isn't’ much better, especially on those nights you lack the energy to go out. Hop into your comfy pajamas and delve into the virtual world of your choice either alone or with some friends. There have been whispers of a few online worldwide events possibly being released this 420 so keep an eye out for new details. A good old-fashioned game night might be the best way to celebrate marijuana legalization in such a fast-paced world where most people have very little time to reconnect with old friends. A platform like this allows access to those we just can’t make it to see in person in time for the big day.



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