Does weed make you more creative?

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:37 p.m. ET

 When asked this question, I would say that the answer is subjective. Marijuana can expand horizons, typical thinking patterns and sometimes leads to thinking outside of the box. Great for encouraging us to think creatively. Does smoking or ingesting the pot make you more creative or were your creativity skills always there? There are some smokers that feel they are more creative while smoking but this could be an illusion. It begs the question; is perception the same as reality? The feeling of creativity and being creative are two different things however.

Artists that smoke weed

It is well known that some artists who paint believe that weed intensifies their ability to paint. They smoke a joint and then lookout, the brushes are flowing, and the canvas comes alive.

Musical artists have reported that taking a toke before they sit down has inspired them to write their best music. Artists often report that this is their preferred method to writing music. Without the weed, their mind would be closed. The theory is that the terpenes in the strain that you choose to smoke are what is encouraging you to have these fantastic creative thoughts.

Let'stalk about terpenes. Which ones are partially responsible for giving us this euphoric feeling.

Pineneis great for concentration and is known to counter short-term memory lapses, while Linalool is spicy and floral it reduces anxiety which could assist with our creative side.  

You need to take the right strain of marijuana for the task ahead. Sativa or sativa dominant strain plants are recognized as the strains for those that need to be productive. Generally, it will keep you focused, keep your energy up and your motivation will be spiked.

Some strains that could promote better creativity available are Green Crack, Blue Dream and Super Sour Diesel; these strains are worth a creative chance.


Weed and art

There are other boosts to creativity that are not limited to weed; it is recognized that while doing these tasks a smoker’s creativity may be heightened.

The length of time you smoke your weed could definitely influence your creative productivity.  Let's say that you need to have a good sleep before your endeavors. Clearly, you would need to look for a strain that will be relaxing and ensure that you will have a rested night’s sleep. I might suggest Hell’s Fire, an Indica dominant strain that will leave you relaxed and ready for bed.  Bubba Kush is an Indica dominant strain and is fantastic for winding down.

You may need your “wake and bake” for the morning when your creativity skills are needed. Spark up a predominantly sativa strain, perhaps one of the strains I have mention earlier and you’ll feel your creative juices start flowing in no time.

Ultimately I think that the use of marijuana and creativity are subjective and deeply personal.  The outcome of smoking or ingesting the correct strain is paramount to your capabilities of exercising creatively and productively.

As always be responsible when indulging, research the strains available out there. Pick the right ones, and the sky is the limit. Enjoy and expose your creative self.



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