Despite recent rumours, Home Depot says that they aren't selling clones

Published Jun 25, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Is it true? Can you really pick up your Sativa clone or perhaps a beautiful cannabis hybrid while shopping at Home Depot for your Aeroponic clone machine, or some other fine cannabis nurturing equipment? Nothing is better than a one-stop-shopping, especially during these trying times of social distancing amidst the COVID-19.

Well its fake news

You cannot go to the local Home Hardware store to buy cannabis clones of any strain. Yes, you may have been one of the few who supposedly saw a customer in a Canadian store look for clones to purchase, but the video no longer exists because it was fake. It does make one pause and think about the situation.

This seems to be a monumental endeavour if it was true, to be able to buy cannabis clones for the tidy sum of $15.98 at the local hardware store.  The sold-out sign would be hung on the window soon after opening their doors for business. However, Home Depot is not licensed to sell cannabis or for you to buy cannabis clones. The company web site, when searching online, shows no indication of cannabis clones.

Where to buy clones online

The province of Newfoundland is where you needed to find yourself to be able to buy cannabis clones online in Canada. This province was the first to sell clones online, 2018 CannabisNL listed their product online. One could buy cannabis clones for $39.99. You were then required to pay the $35.00 for shipping costs. The cannabis company currently has four different varieties available for you to buy.

One could wonder why Home Depot would not respond to the question when asked if they were the purchase center for those looking to buy cannabis clones. Could it be to boost its sales in the cannabis accessories department available at the local hardware store? Let’s see what else you can buy besides the fake talk about cannabis clones at the unlicensed to sell cannabis hardware store, known as your local Home Depot.

  • A tent is a perfect place for your clones to begin their life journey. A tent is portable and easy to construct.

  • Grow lights are necessary, and the standard HID, or (high-density discharge) lights are the standard for the industry.

  • Air-cooled reflector hoods will be needed for mounting your light too.

  • Oscillating fans needed to provide the movement for the development of a vigorous plant.

  • Soil may be your chosen medium for growing your cannabis clones, but keep in mind that the famous Miracle grow is not suitable for growing your clones.

  • Hydroponic media is popular for those indoor growers looking for an alternative to soil as a medium.

  • Containers are necessary for housing your clones in. The Home Depot five gallon pail is a perfect container. Be sure to provide drainage by drilling holes in the bottom of the 5-gallon pail and then set the bucket in a tray.

  • Nutriments are a necessary part of the cannabis clone journey. Macronutrients are the collective name for Nitrogen and include potassium and phosphorus.

  • Britta water purifying system is a perfect way to ensure safe water for your cannabis clones. Although water may be suitable for you to drink, your plants may require more, and the Britta method can help.

  • Conclusion

    While Home Depot can fill many of the needs necessary for the novice cannabis farmer to fulfill their dream of growing a beautiful lush garden from clones, to ensure a healthy productive grow you will have to supply your own cannabis clones and love.

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