Cannabis tools to take on outdoor adventures

Published Jul 26, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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The warmer weather is here and that means we’re spending more time outside in the fresh air. It’s the perfect time to take in some trails, plan a day at the lake, or explore local green spaces, but these adventures aren’t always compatible with your average cannabis accessories. If you want to head into the great outdoors prepared, then you might want to consider packing these tools for the trip.

1. Keychain grinder

Grinders do all of the hard work for you, pulling and cutting up the flower until it’s the perfect fine-sized grind for rolling joints or packing bowls, and too many enthusiasts leave theirs at home when they head outside because they’re big, heavy, bulky, and somehow seem unnecessary. The trouble is that your fingers might not be enough outdoors, especially if there is a heavy wind that might blow away the bits and pieces as you try to tear them apart by hand. Save yourself the struggle, and opt for a keychain grinder that’s always ready instead.

2. Rolling tray

Rolling trays can seem like an inconvenience to pack, especially when they’re big, bulky, and painted with bright designs that seem incredibly out of place in the great outdoors. However, it doesn’t take a massive tray to get the job done outdoors. In fact, one that’s smaller is likely better when you’re out in the elements because all it really needs to do is keep the grind from blowing away, and contained. Some versions are even soft and even made from leather, so they won’t take up space or add weight to your bag, and you’ll be so glad you brought it when you’re not looking cannabis like crazy to nature.

3. Waterproof bag

This should be considered an absolute necessity even if you don’t plan on going anywhere near an actual body of water, because mother nature rains down at the least desirable of times, and no one wants to lose a whole stash to a sprinkling. Now you might be thinking that you’ve got that part covered with a sealable jar, but what about those papers, and are you really willing to risk it all if that container happens to break? Protect your weed, and keep it safe always in a waterproof bag.


4. Heavy-duty bong or vape

The majority of consumers enjoy the wonderful benefits that glass, porcelain, or quartz can offer, but these things are fragile, so they don’t often fare well when packed away in the bottom of a backpack or bag, being bumped against your back, and things around you all day. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in a metal or silicone piece that will either hold up to the pressure or bend beneath it in a way that doesn’t render the device useless.

5. Pocket ashtray

Nature is already littered with way too much trash and cigarette butts so why add to that dilemma with roaches when you can invest in a sleek, compact pocket ashtray that will keep the mess contained until it can be disposed of properly. With several different styles and designs to choose from, there’s no longer any need to ditch those cardstocks and vape carts on the go.

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