Cannabis swag bags at the Oscars

Published Mar 13, 2019 12:59 p.m. ET

Does being given an “Everyone Wins” gift bag for Oscar- nominated actors indicate a sign of marijuana acceptance? I think it is a forward motion towards acceptance when weed is being included in the gift bags that the nominees will receive. It is a sign that marijuana acceptance is here. When a respected organization like the Oscars is permitting gift bags associated with them to contain legal marijuana products acceptance of this plant has arrived.

Well, let’s look at what is in the bag.  A Canadian company is hoping that acceptance has arrived and that their connection to the Oscar’s will put them out front and on the road to acceptance.

Distinctive Assets based in Los Angeles is a company that’s specialty is in product placement. The company has been in charge of these “advertising” gift bags for 16 years. This year the value of $100,000 has been placed on each of these bags.

With the legalization of cannabis in California,the founder of Distinctive Assets is making a forward move to include marijuana in this years’ gift bag theme. Everything from chocolate edibles to CBD products like beauty products infused with non-psychoactive CBD will be offered. California nominees over age 21 will be offeredoils and concentrate on accompanying vape accessories included in the gift bags.

Read on to see what marijuana products and companies have been included in the giftbags:

The Canadian company Nannette de Gaspe, an independent beauty company with roots in Montreal, is lucky to have been picked as one of the 5 cannabis connection companies to be included in the bags.

Their products included:

Bain Noir

Estimated price of $325.00

• a cannabis sativa seed oil bath, hemp derived with no psychoactive qualities
• bath treatment to soothe and protect your skin
• destresses the body and mind
• Meadowfoam and Poppy Seed Oil revitalize tired skin with moisture loss
• Eucalyptus and Neroli flirt with your senses
• Infused by Black super fruits Black Tahitian Pearl extracts and Black tea ferment

Coda Signature Coffee & Milk Chocolate Bar

CBD chocolates from Coda were also part of the giveaway bags; these assortments may have included:

Estimated price of $20.00

• Delicious early morning pleasure
• Milk Chocolate combined with strong, full-bodied coffee and finishing with a wonderful cinnamon sugar
• 10 serving bar 100mg THC

High Beauty

Estimated price of $40.00


High Five skin care product moisturizer and facial oil, which contain:

• 20% sativa seed oil
• Protein
• Plant oils
• Hydration products
• Antioxidants
• Pure essential oils

Benefits of using this product include anti inflammatory qualities and protecting skin with antioxidants.


A Los Angeles based social club for marijuana users, a membership only club. This is a premier level elite network social club. Individual membership fees: $2000.00 annually.

  • Daily access to the social club for you and 1 guest
  • Complimentary Coffee Bar
  • Custom Food Menu


A CBD supplement that is taken under the tongue results are felt in 30 seconds. Topically by applying two drops on pain benefits will be feltin ten minutes.

• Reduces pain
• Memory enhancement particularly in the senior sector
• Tremendous anti-inflammatory
• Increases firmness
• Anti-carcinogenic properties

This CBD product is a perfect choice for overall health, anti-aging, and longevity

A general thought by Allison Gordon co-CEO of a Canadian female cannabis producer who is legally licensed to sell and distribute cannabis sees the inclusion of any form of cannabis a forward step to the acceptance of this plant.

Canadian retail chains Meta Cannabis and New Leaf are confident that the inclusion of cannabis in the Oscars is a large step to marijuana acceptance in the world.

Personally, I think when cannabis is promoted by 5 different companies in the Oscar gift bags, it clearly shows that marijuana use is widespread and well received already.



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