Cannabis strains to bring couples closer together this Valentine’s day

Published Feb 11, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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It’s the time of year again when love is in the air. Hopefully, Valentine's day will never again have to be celebrated in the manner that we need to commit to this year due to COVID-19. February 14this symbolic of cherubs, bow and arrows, and love. This is the time of the year when many couples confess their never-ending love for one another. Celebratory gifts often include chocolate, flowers, perhaps some perfume, and who could forget the love-filled present that is cannabis.

Around the globe, including in North America, Valentine’s day is synonymous with love. Over 150 million cards from big companies like Hallmark are exchanged on this romantic day. St Valentines, the legendary martyr. His name was used for this day due to his stance on defying the law in honour of love.  Are you ready to defend love with these fantastic cannabis strains especially picked for Valentine's day?

Lemon Skunk

What better strain to promote social interaction and the ability to relax your body than Lemon Skunk? Whether your date-night involves the bedroom or not, Lemon Skunk will be the puff-puff pass, done in safe, Covid freestyle that will have you exploring each other in no time. Talking about your most intimate desires as you enjoy this Sativa-dominant hybrid's aromatic profiles can be sensually pleasurable as you move on towards the bedroom.

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass is a good choice if you are looking for an appetizer before your romantic Valentine’s day main event smoke session. This cannabis strain is high in CBD, great for relaxing, and it offers relief from any aching body pains. A few puffs will provide a creative euphoria without a couch lock. The THC levels in this strain are much lower than the CBD. (THC 7.60-11.60%) (CBD 14.60-186.0%). This appetizer provokes romance and mental clarity and is a perfect prelude to a more intense aphrodisiac cannabis strain

Purple Panty Dropper

An indica-dominant hybrid that tips the THC scale at 24 percent, this cannabis strain has heritage belonging to Oregon Grape, Purple Haze, and Matanuskan Mist. The delicious sweet, rich scent can be somewhat of a vibrant aphrodisiac. It has been reported as a strain used to help combat nerve pain, but it’s even more commonly used to enhance a night of wild sex. If this is how you want to spend your romantic Valentine's, then don't let the Purple Panty Dropper stay in the top drawer; bring it out for this special romantic night with your lover.


If you enjoy an immediate response to smoking weed, then Blueberry might be the ideal cannabis strain to hit the spot, as they say. The high usually lasts for hours, so you can enjoy every romantic moment with your partner without the effects wearing off. Besides being great for pre-bedroom sex, Blueberry has a mouthwatering, finger-licking candy-like flavour profile that delivers a powerful head high.

Agent Orange

If spontaneity plays a big part in your romantic journey, don't forget to make a quick drop by the dispensary for  some Agent Orange. Spontaneity carries into the bedroom when you’re smoking this cannabis strain. While thinking about a new position pops, the thought turns into action. Gone are any inhibitions; the pleasurable mission is underway. Enjoy the added energy you experience after smoking this well-balanced hybrid.

Final thoughts

Using cannabis is a great way to bond on an intimate level with your partner while increasing sexual pleasures and intimacy. COVID-19 may have put a damper on this last year, but February 14th, 2021, has been reserved for love. Did you make your reservation?

How to make this Valentines day special with cannabis


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