Cannabis party transportation suggestions

Published Jun 27, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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Do you plan on attending a cannabis party? Or are you hosting one of these fun gatherings anytime soon? It’s always best to plan in advance for a safe way to get home once the festivities inevitably come to a close.

Whether you’ve had a wonderful time socializing in a haze of smoke, indulging in edibles, or maybe even both, it’s essential to know how you’ll be making the journey home, because it’s not unreasonable to assume you’ll be too high to drive.

Luckily, we have some tips, tricks and suggestions to help ensure you arrive safely with all of those elevated vibes intact. So pay attention, as we take a deep dive into the world of cannabis party transportation options.

1. Designated driver

Designated drivers are the unsung heroes of the party lifestyle, often going without just to be sure their friends and family make it home safely. It’s important to choose someone who is reliable and responsible for this job.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to burden a fellow attendee, or don’t have anyone that’s trustworthy, then it may be worth considering pay-as-you-go type services with designated drivers ready and waiting to lend a helping hand by driving you home when you’re ready to go.

2. Ride-sharing

If someone at the party is willing to be a designated driver, then why not consider asking them to drive other partygoers home? When that isn’t an option, ride sharing services are just as convenient, and they’re relatively affordable when compared to your average taxi fare.

Just before you head out to the party, simply download a ride sharing app, so that when you’re ready to go, all it takes is a simple ride request and you’ll be on your way in no time! So sit back, enjoy the ride, and let your driver handle the navigating.

3. Taxi time

There’s nothing more available and reliable than good old fashioned taxis and as long as you have the phone number of a local provider, it’ll be easy to call for a ride home when it’s time to call it a night. You may even be able to pre-schedule pickup, or type in the coordinates of your current location so there’s less stress.

Taxis are also widely accessible particularly in high traffic areas and hot party spots, so you won’t be left waiting too long for your safe ride to arrive.

4. Public transportation party

Though we always recommend one of the aforementioned options, since they’ll get you home no matter how high you may be, public transportation could make this last leg of your journey an adventure you’ll never forget!

Riding public transportation can be fun, cost effective, and reliable, as long as you’re familiar with the route schedule, so you’re not left stranded after the last train or bus departs.

5. Buddy system

Many of us are familiar with the buddy system from school field trips, but this idea can come in handy when you’re attending cannabis parties too! Find one or more friends who live closeby, or at least in the same general direction as you.

When you’re all together walking, or any other mode of transportation is bound to be safer, since there’s always strength in numbers. Plus it also gives you some time to chat and reminisce about what you loved most about the party.


6. Book a room

It’s always nice to get home once you’re tired and partied out, but if you don’t live nearby, then it may be safer to consider alternative accommodations to rest up for the night before embarking on the journey home. This way you’ll have a clean, warm, comfortable bed waiting for you when you’re ready to crash.

With a hotel room or some other short term stay booked you’ll be less likely to feel obligated to navigate the roads when you’re too high to drive safely. It also makes it easy to keep the party going if you’re feeling up to it with some late night snacks and good people.

7. Pack sobering snacks

Despite the rumors there is no such thing as a magic food or drink choice that will sober you up enough to drive while under the influence, but there are some food options that work to keep you more alert during the trip.

Lighter refreshing snacks like citrus fruit, almonds, or a protein bar will stimulate the senses and make it easier to stay awake and concentrate as you carefully make your way home.

8. Hydration celebration

It’s important to stay hydrated at any time, but it’s especially crucial if you’re using cannabis which is well known for its ability to cause uncomfortable symptoms like cottonmouth. Keeping up on your water intake will help to combat dry mouth, and it will keep you more alert throughout the party.

So don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle with you, so it’s available when you need it the most, and be sure to take a few good sips just before heading home.

9. Time travel tips

If you want to ensure you’ll have a safe trip home then timing is everything. So it may be a good idea to consider leaving the party early, just to avoid rush hour. By giving yourself plenty of time you’ll enjoy a smooth, more relaxed journey without the added stress of bad traffic.

Those who don’t like driving at night might also want to think about heading home before the sun goes down, and it’s always best to stop consuming cannabis well in advance too so you’ll have a clear head and be ready for anything that could happen out on the roads.

10. Music

We cannot stress enough how essential it is to find a safe way to travel after a cannabis party, but if you’re consuming minimal doses, and leaving enough time for the effects to wear off before making the trip, then an upbeat playlist could be just what you need to stay engaged and focused.

With its ability to lift the spirits some good music is guaranteed to make your ride home much more enjoyable. So get ready, belt out those lyrics, do a little dance in your seat, and let some good tunes be your guide.

Celebrate these beautiful moments, and create lasting memories, as a responsible cannabis enthusiast with a plan in place to get home safe!

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