Upcoming cannabis music festivals in North America

Published Jul 31, 2019 09:42 a.m. ET
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Northern Nights Music Festival brings weed to California

Most cannabis enthusiasts would agree that there isn’t much out there that pairs better than marijuana and music. The Northern Lights Music Festival in California cashed in by offering a unique experience that remains illegal in most regions. The NLMF which drew in thousands of consumers allowing vendors and attendees the opportunity to buy, sell and consume marijuana products is evidence of just one direction that the global cannabis industry could possibly go, and the results aren’t half bad.

What the festival offered

This year at the Northern Nights Music Festival, there were over 20 regulated pot product vendors, alongside plenty of recreational cannabis programming and entertainment. Just a few of the most raved about highlights include self-massage, stoned yoga, couples therapy classes and many other unique and educational workshops with the sole focus of bringing the entire community together. The event, which was provided with a permit, lasted for three full days from Friday, July 19 - Monday, July 21, and even offered guests the option to pitch a tent instead of making the long journey home each day.

Though prior years included plenty of recreational cannabis use and sales, this was the very first legal one of its kind in the United States, which has many consumers from other regions wondering if they too will have the opportunity to experience this kind of event. So far, there aren’t any quite like this one planned for this summer in Canada due to regulations that do not yet allow public recreational cannabis vendors.

Canadian marijuana and music festival coming this August 2019
There are a host of cool marijuana and music-themed festivals left to check out. If you don’t know where to start, then you might want to check out our list of Summer/Fall marijuana-themed Canadian festivals that will happen soon right across the country.

1. Journey Cannabis and Music Festival
Where: Boyd Conservation Park in Woodbridge Ontario
When: August 23-25

What to expect: A forest setting pulsating from live music from a lineup of internationally acclaimed music artists who will perform throughout the entire weekend. This festival includes food, beer and a well-educated series of speakers who are dedicated to changing stereotypes and advancing the cannabis industry.


For more info: https://canada420.org

2. Cannafest
Where: Grand Forks British Columbia
When: August 7-10

What to expect: This year’s festival features classic rock performers including the world-famous performers Bret Michaels, Cheap Trick, Vince Neil, Eddie Money, Night Ranger and the Iron Maidens. There will be beer, food and recreational cannabis accessories for sale. Though you won’t find herbs or concentrates, open consumption is encouraged, so don’t forget your joint or bong at home for this one as it’s BYOW.
For more info: www.cannafest.ca

3. Dope - The Cannabis Comedy Festival
Where: Lithuanian House in Toronto Ontario
When: Thursday, August 22

What to expect: This brand-new festival will feature a host of comedians, speakers and DJ’s that have promised to keep the beat pumping and celebrate cannabis in the best way possible. There will be music and marijuana consumption, which is not only expected but is encouraged. Unfortunately, this too is a bring your own weed event, but you will find plenty of good brew, food and laughs at this Canadian cannabis festival.
*For more info: https://cannabiscomedyfestival.ca *

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