Cannabis friendly hotels and resorts for the ultimate stoner vacation

Published Aug 24, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Since the legalization of cannabis, many businesses have emerged. Even original business owners have changed their policies to include cannabis-friendly laws if their state allows it. The cannabis industry is profitable, and businesses are trying to tap into that vast amount of wealth.  The hotel industry is one of those businesses that have cannabis friendly rules. Not all hotels provide for this. Many tourists are eager to find a resort or hotel that allows the cannabis experience to be wonderful.

Hosts provide the cannabis

Some hosts of resorts may also provide their guests with a joint of cannabis. This may offer their guests a sense of relief from having to find some yourself. You may also be offered some samples of marijuana edibles. There is only one resort that offers such services and it is called ‘Bud and Breakfast,’ which is located in several countries.

Cannabis-friendly resorts list

Some of the cannabis friendly hotels and resorts are listed below. These destinations will allow you to vacation in style and comfort knowing that you can enjoy your cannabis without restrictions.

1. Uruguay- Casa Stefano

In 2014, Uruguay reformed its laws to allow the use and possession of cannabis. Therefore, consumption and possession are legal. This makes Uruguay an ideal tourist destination for cannabis lovers.

The resort, Casa Stefano is close by Oceania Del Polonio. This allows you to have a scenic view of the sea. The resort has luxurious amenities, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. It is a perfect view and setting.

2. Jamaica- Windfall Villas

Marijuana is apart of the Jamaican culture, and so it would be spectacular to have a vacation in a country that loves weed as much as you do. While you are there, you can visit the lovely beaches and other tourist attractions.

Windfall Villas is near Montego Bay. It is a mind-blowing estate with pool and sitting areas secluded for guests only. You will always have different options to choose from. You can go rafting on the river or even snorkel. You may prefer to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The apartments are affordable as well. The food is delicious, one of the best cuisines. Apart from the food, the purchase of cannabis very easy and nothing but the best quality. It is an amazing place to relax and get stoned with some weed.


3. Alaska- Bear Creek Lodge

Last fall, there was a vote in Alaska to legalize cannabis. Since then, the outdoors has been quite appealing to cannabis lovers.

Bear Creek Lodgeprovides a five-course meal with several different dishes. The cost of the meal is covered in the cabin fee already so no need to pay any extra money. There is usually a show put on during dinner, and there is always the possibility of fishing or hiking becoming a part of the vacation activities. Don’t wait too long to take a vacation trip to Alaska where you can enjoy your weed in a comfy zone.

4. Colorado- Blue Sky Ranch and Denver’s Best Bud and Breakfast

Colorado has legalized marijuana, being one of the first US states to do so. Therefore, it can be a vacation destination for many because it has cannabis-friendly laws as well as resorts. Colorado has quality cannabis for consumption. You may be wondering, is there a dispensary near me? Well, there are plenty of dispensaries in Colorado.

Blue Sky Ranch is a luxurious vacation resort. It has a theater, games, and Jacuzzi to make your stay memorable. The environment is cannabis-friendly allowing visitors to smoke or vape weed on the outdoors or inside.

Denver’s Best Bud and Breakfast- This is the best place for you to go for your vacation. This resort provides its guests with vaporizer to vape their weed as well as lessons to cook cannabis. You will get comfy at this resort if you love marijuana edibles. This is an affordable resort that offers a beautiful view with weed in the mix, so it is the perfect vacation destination for any cannabis enthusiast.

Your vacation will be splendid with any of the resorts suggested above. Importantly, you won’t need to leave your cannabis behind because these destinations are cannabis-friendly.

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