Cannabis culture is all about love and acceptance

Published Apr 13, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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As someone that has taken a long stroll through the evolution of cannabis culture, it’s become a core component of who and what I am today, and I also know how difficult it can be to sum up this experience in a way that’s easy for “outsiders” to more thoroughly understand. Living through years of protests and general disgust, and now dappling in the glory that is the legal industry has given me a unique perception of what was and what’s to come.

If you were to ask someone what cannabis culture means to them, you’re likely to get a one-of-a-kind response because this experience is individual, and how it makes each person feel differs based on perception. I can’t say for certain what this community and its vibe means to you. What I can do is emphasize how educational, empowering, and positive it’s been for me in this loving, accepting, nurturing space that’s full of advocates for freedom who want you to be whoever and whatever you want to be.

It’s always about the smiles and not just that, but also the power to make many others happy too! The camaraderie that’s found among people who come from all walks of life. Solidarity between humans that span the globe, without the need to meet in person to “verify” each other's passion, and humility, because we’ve all been judged harshly by someone for choosing to live this lifestyle. It’s kind of funny because we often discuss the cannabis lifestyle as if it’s a world all on its own, which suggests invisible boundaries, and the media would have you believe that it’s about being as sexy as you can while blowing smoke.

The truth

The truth is that everyone is drawn to cannabis culture for different reasons, with some seeking reprieve from medical conditions, others looking for the information necessary to act as caregivers, many with a passion for education, cultivation, or straight-up business and the rest just enjoying the high. There are parents, the young and old, models, media, business people, grocery store clerks, nurses, doctors, teachers, and everyone in between, and they all come together over this one common ground.


There’s an unspoken rule of acceptance for your fellow humans and an unusually active conversation surrounding topics that need to be addressed such as inequity and discrimination. It is only here that I’ve watched people genuinely love each other without judgment, fear, or concern over social status, and that could be why it’s the only place where I’ve really ever felt at home.

One thing always stays consistent, and it’s that common goal to remove the glaring stigma that still looms overhead. Whether you’re cultivating cannabis, medicating, or just really enthusiastic about smoking weed, there’s room for you here. Cannabis culture might seem less than perfect some days, especially when common stereotypes and misconceptions are brought to light, but just like any movement, it’s something that’s only going to get better with time.

It’s not quite the hot seat or criminalized niche it once was, and now that society as a whole is getting on board, it’s quickly becoming the lifestyle of the future. Here, you can come from anywhere, be anyone, do anything, and still find acceptance and a place to call your own among the millions.

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