Cannabis and the interest that seniors are showing

Published Feb 26, 2019 03:56 p.m. ET
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Nearly three times as many Canadians today are using marijuana than a decade ago. Some Canadians were exposed to marijuana in high school, and on through university, some have continued the use. Other seniors are exploring the recreational and medicinal aspects of the plant.

With the legalization of cannabis throughout Canada on October 17, 2018, the stigma that was attached to it has been eased. This has opened the market for a specific sector we now know as the baby boomers. The change in the law has made older people more comfortable in asking questions about cannabis. They are eager to learn the benefits of the plant.

As for April 1st, 2019 looms closer, and the legalization of edibles in Canada become a reality, it is expected that the interest and sales will be attributed to seniors who do not smoke. Some seniors may have smoked in earlier years, now due to health reasons prefer not to smoke. These seniors or baby boomers would still like to enjoy the effects that they remember. Back in the day, the only option was to smoke. Now there are many ways to enjoy marijuana and the paraphernalia for ways indulge is appealing to the senior population.

The growing market for the oils and capsules are of interest to the older crowd.

Companies are producing medical oils, powders, and capsules. Hydropothecary was the first company in Canada to produce an oil sublingual spray. This is peppermint flavored and is applied under the tongue. The spray promotes micro-dosing and does not involve inhaling the marijuana. The arrival of beverages and nutrition bars candies and other edibles along with an open market directed at the senior's is here.

Seniors and their health providers are realizing the benefits of cannabis. Baby boomers take prescribed drugs on a daily basis, many of these prescribed drugs have debilitating side effects.

Seniors and Cannabis


Today seniors have a broad range of cannabis-infused products to use as topical ointments. These ointments and topical medicated creams can provide relief for aching muscles. The cannabis-infused ointments are effective in the pain relief for arthritis and neuropathy. Cannabis is useful in the loss of appetite and nausea that contributes to unwanted weight loss. Cannabis can stimulate the appetite and natural help the senior to gain or maintain their weight. There is the option of medical marijuana for the elderly, if they’d rather medical strains.

Here are some strains that seniors might find an interest in:

Cheese Quake: great for the cramps and Charlie horses which is often the result of poor circulation and can plague the senior. This strain with its combined pain relieving, and appetite is encouraging qualities is a favorite among seniors.
Harlequin the number one strain for many seniors who suffer quietly or not with arthritis. The higher amount of CBD usually 5-2 ratio will help with the pain, and often intense inflammation that can accompany arthritis. This is while still allowing you to maintain a clear head

Well if you are reading this, you may have reached those golden years and are looking forward to that legal, euphoric, body healing cannabis you called doobie. Whichever manner you choose to indulge my friend do it safely and responsibly, enjoy!

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