Can we reschedule 420 celebrations this year?

Published Apr 19, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The epic 420 holiday is beloved by millions of cannabis consumers around the world, and it’s coming soon, but now that COVID-19 has most of the world at a standstill, many are wondering if there is any hope for salvaging the celebrations this year. Many of which have been planned months in advance, as this particular 420 was one that was supposed to go down in history because of the complete alignment of the date.

This year 420 can be celebrated all month long seeing that it’s the year 2020, and this is quite a big deal in some circles, where some of the biggest 420 events to date were expected to take place on this momentous occasion. Unfortunately, right now, most of the world has been reduced to gatherings of fewer than five, with public health recommendations suggesting that any unnecessary human to human interaction is a risk, and that means that we aren’t going to be seeing the same 420 friendly gatherings that so many of us wait all year to experience.

This is a sad time, and though it is certainly a necessary move to reduce how fast the outbreak spreads, many are wondering if there is any way that we can salvage this great holiday by postponing 420 events until long after this whole thing has blown over. Some of the biggest and most popular 420 gatherings have already canceled indefinitely, but a few are promising a swift return the moment that we have the go-ahead from health experts and the government.

Since this is a challenging decision that many of us ultimately have very little say in, we wanted to chime in with silver lining type of perspective that justifies any possibility going forward, because the truth is, that some of us are counting the minutes until we can get high with like-minded folks,  there are just as many cannabis consumers who view the holiday as one that is date specific.

420 events mark protests

A lot of people used these incredible events as a way to peacefully protect their opinion on cannabis, and these yearly gathering grew as the support for legalization did, but now that weed is legal, it’s a date for many to reminisce on the struggle, battle, and persecution that took place along the way, as advocate fought for the right to toke. If this isn’t the reason that you love 420, then you might be able to wait for cannabis events to resume or reschedule, but those who know how important this particular day is will have no choice but to celebrate along this year.

420 friendly gatherings are connecting force

420 is certainly an important day for the movement and those who partook in it, but for many, 420 events are little more than a gathering of like-minded individuals who get together and get high. This sense of camaraderie helps to normalize the use of cannabis, and it’s essential for the mental wellbeing of some consumers, but if this is the reason that you celebrate 420, then a slight delay in plans likely isn’t going to change the mood for you at all.


There are few other opportunities for cannabis businesses to show off

These giant cannabis events draw in a unique crowd, and depending on where you are, the importance of these connections might run deeper than you realize. For those who reside in regions where cannabis is still illegal, the legacy market tends to reach out at 420 events, and this sort of movement helps to build momentum towards change.

Legal areas still come with restrictions that leave cannabis businesses, legal or otherwise, very few options to advertise to the public, but this can be easily solved by supporting your local cannabis industry events with high turnouts, so if this is the reason that 420 is important to you, then there are still plenty of ways to make it work, a little further down the road.

What does 420 mean to you?

In the end, the answer to this question is a very personal one, and each person will answer slightly differently than the last, but the important thing at this point is to be thankful for how far we’ve come, and how much more positivity we’re going to see happen within the cannabis industry in the near future. When you celebrate is entirely up to you but know that this small inconvenience cannot take away the true meaning of this long-awaited holiday, as long as you choose not to let it. Celebrate, reminisce, and look forward to the future that lies ahead, no matter what it may be.

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