Can Christians smoke weed?

Published Feb 23, 2019 02:38 p.m. ET

The scriptures forbid marijuana because it produces a “high” The scriptures forbid drunkenness and sobriety is endorsed. It is feasible that a man can drink a can of beer and not be committing a sin. However, if the man drinks six of those beers and is drunk,he is sinning according to the Bible. That being said it remains that drinking one beer for a nice cool drink is not a sin, taking a toke from a joint is a sin, from a hard-line stance. Strictly, it does not matter if you take one joint or six joints. When you enter that mind-altering state, you have committed a sin. One or six it does not matter. God wants his people to be sober, not high, not stoned and not hallucinating.

What does the Bible say about smoking weed?

While there is no mention of marijuana in the Bible; there is a suggestion among marijuana users that Genesis 1:29 provides the license for the use of marijuana.

“Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

Alcohol is a beverage that Christians use along with wine. The comparison of alcohol and wine to marijuana is a hard comparison. Christians drink wine or beer for the taste; marijuana is used to get high. Entering an altered state is a sin as I mentioned before.

But do Christians only drink wine and beer for the taste? I think not my friend. Biblical permission is given to the moderate drinker even though alcohol can produce psychoactive effects. The act of drunkenness is prohibited in the biblical ideology. Scripture does permit the use of alcohol in moderation when it is enjoyed in faith and when the psychoactive effect does not enter the situation. So, can Christians smoke weed around the pool like people drink wine at a wedding? Is that permissible to God? Questionable at the least.


Can we accomplish our goal as Christians to reach the full experience of an undistorted reality of the glory of God while we are stoned? Or are we committing the act of sin?

The journey that we take as Christians is to know the Lord without obstruction. If we distort reality can we achieve this religious goal of knowing him? A Christian perspective on marijuana use is somewhat ambiguous, is it up to the individual to decide or the church?  

It is interesting to note that the Bible does not forbid every substance use that affects the mind. It does, however, appear that the recreational use of marijuana maybe violating the Christian value of being a sober member of the community.

There are some churches that stand fast on the belief that marijuana users of the church should be counseled by elders or other members of the church about their use of the herb. The church elders believe that early intervention will help in the recovery of the marijuana user. Churches have been known to exhort and rebuke their members who partake in the use of marijuana. To some churches, the marijuana user is violating the standards of the biblical scriptures where sobriety and integrity are concerned.

While some churches are holding fast to the word of the Lord, will their pastors be up for the challenge of combating the use of marijuana for its members? Some people believe that marijuana use and their personal faith are not mutually exclusive. Marijuana and Christianity have a tenuous relationship at best, one that is hard to navigate.  



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