Big brands that used 420 to celebrate legalization

Published May 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Some of the most famous brands out there have no contact with cannabis, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t 420 friendly. Many have begun to use the 420 number as a day of celebration and to commemorate their famous brands in a friendly and well-established manner that 420 deserves. Do you help to promote any of these well-known brands? Check out these famous brands that are depending on you for 420 friendly and profitable sales days.

We all scream for ice cream

Some ice cream lovers have been part of the famous brand connection with weed when satisfying their munchies during an epic toke and movie session. The renowned Vermont based company features Cherry Garcia and Phish Food. These flavours were to honour the band Phish and Jerry Garcia. Both of these bands were deemed to be favourites of the cannabis smoking crowd and in Ben & Jerry's opinion deserved to be mentioned, and earn a place in the appreciated  420 friendly cannabis space.

Ben & Jerry were one of the first big brands to use the 420 holiday as part of their promotion. The ice cream company has also used 420 to debut some of their most inspired menu items. Last year we saw the company partnering with a San Francisco Bay Area cannabis retailer.

The cannabis company celebrated 420 deliveries with a pint of Half Baked. This menu item is perfect for those munchies that are sure to be part of your 420 friendly experience. What goes better together than an ounce of your favourite herb and a tub of ice cream? The big brands like Ben & Jerry are counting on you enjoying the association.

Where are you going?

The ride-sharing company Lyft chose to celebrate the day by offering a $4.20 credit on single rides. This offer was presented in both Canada and the USA.

Puff puff pass a slice, please

Totino, a famous brand, serving frozen pizza snacks advertised their wares, especially for 420  by declaring  "to be blunt, pizza rolls are much better when baked."   Associating with  420 friendly crowds is seen as an opportunity for reaching a different section of the market. One that was perhaps not tapped into before. 420 has become synonymous with munchies, and what better way to satisfy those urges while enjoying the beautiful 420 celebrations than with a delicious Totino pizza roll in one hand and a joint in the other?


Man’s best friend

BarkBox is outside of the cannabis space, but they still launched a set of toys for your furry friend to enjoy while you both celebrate the 420 holiday. The company provided pets with a doggie joint, cannabis leaf chew toys, and even a personal bong toy. Although initially, the 420 friendly doggy products were to celebrate 420, the response was so amazing and sold out. The company was overwhelmed and ordered more products. Spokespersons for BarkBox, the company well known for pushing boundaries where pet products are concerned, is surprised by the positive reception that these 420 friendly products have received.

Hold the pickle

Carl's Jr, the famous fast-food brand, launched a new product spotlighting the 420 holidays. For the one day, customers can enjoy a CBD infused burger: "Rocky Mountain High" will be available in the Denver, Colorado location.

Choosing your associates

A consumer psychologist from Golden Gate University believes that big brands that choose to associate themselves with cannabis may be receiving what we know as a “contact high.” These big brands consider themselves cool by association. As time passes and cannabis becomes legal in more countries, the green road will become more inviting, and 420 will move to be looked on as a mainstream holiday.

So, while we wait for the famous brand Hallmark to come and celebrate 420 with 420 friendly-greetings we can give to each other, many other businesses outside of the cannabis space are taking every opportunity to connect with consumers. April 20th is becoming a business opportunity for many famous brands to showcase their products, much like other traditional remembered holidays, such as Canada Day or the 4thof July.

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