Best marijuana phone games of 2018

Published Jan 28, 2019 05:19 p.m. ET
Best Weed App Games 

 It’s a new age of technology. In response, many companies have created apps to make their technology more accessible in hopes of gaining a one up on the competition. And with this big push into tech and apps. Comes a great variety of apps to use for our own entertainment. Here’s our list of some of the most fun weed games, this list is sure to include something for everyone.

1. Trailer Park Boys- Greasy Money

Currently, the best weed app game out there is the new Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money game. This one features live events for players every single weekend and even include a stoned cougar! Upgrade your various businesses to build a customer base and make yourself a greasy fortune. Based on the famous Trailer Park Boys television show using all the characters you already know and love. If you are a fan of anything to do with these guys than you’re sure to get a laugh as you collect hash, alcohol, and cash as you ride through Sunnyvale. This nostalgic app is completely free to download and includes hours of missions and fun.

2. Weed Inc- Idle Cash

Available for Apple users for $2.99 and Android users for free with ads. Weed Inc is a farming money gathering game that requires strategy to advance. Collect any strain of pot you can think of and manage every stage of growth and production from the room it’s grown in, to the storefront you own and control. Set prices and keep your dispensary profitable while maintaining a smooth, consistent level of production and you will find yourself top boss at Weed Inc before you know it.

3. Hempire


Hempire is a pot plant growing game that focuses on the basics needed for plants to thrive. Fun and educational this one starts with the user selecting a strain. From there you can grow brand new marijuana strains in your lab. Make a tiny sprout flourish into a giant bud busting tree. Complete the various challenges as you upgrade, fix, design and build your very own pot empire from the ground up. You can play with friends online, meet new people, or play on a server alone and its available for both Apple and Android fans completely free.

4. Bud Farm 420

Grow and harvest weed in this magical, colorful world full of fireworks and festivals. The point of this one is similar to that of the original roller-coaster tycoon only your running a non-stop festival. Grow pot to fund your operations. Impress and attract attendees to flourish. The best part about this one is the ability to play on a friends only server or a public server allowing you to socialize and control the competition. Unfortunately, Weed Inc is not available for Apple users and is available for download in the Google Play store on Android.

5. Kush Tycoon

Become a tycoon and built your very own fortune by growing weed and selling it to the locals. As you climb the ranks and earn badges, your good reputation will either rise or fall. With options for growing familiar strains like Purple Haze, OG Kush, and Ghost train this best weed app game is a great time waster and challenging too. With a vibe similar to Farmville with the addition of gangsters. If that sounds appealing than this one might be for you.

It is astonishing how quickly the market for marijuana-related products has grown and will continue to. This is just the beginning folks! It is safe to say we should be expecting 3-D and virtual reality pot games and content in the very near future with companies like Sony and Steam racing towards the finish line. One thing is for sure; the future looks promising for all marijuana consumers.



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