Best cannabis strains to smoke at a party

Published Feb 15, 2019 12:50 p.m. ET
You no longer have to take that traditional bottle of wine to your next party. Marijuana is becoming an accepted alternative hostess gift, instead of alcohol.

Have you Ever wondered what strain of marijuana you should take to the party?

The trick is to do some research and find the best strain that will have the party jumping. There are many different strains that can invoke different mood settings. If it is non-stop action you want, pick the correct strain and the party will never stop.

Party Strains

Lemon Shining Silver Haze
The delicious sweet lemon scent will be all you need for party action tonight. No need to worry about mixing alcohol with this social strain, you can have non-alcoholic beverages and still enjoy the party if that is what you choose to do. This baby is 75% sativa and will penetrate those tense muscles and have you moving like you never moved before.

Chocolate Haze
This is a gift that all hostesses will enjoy. You know that if there is no chocolate at a party, then something is missing. This strain will provide beautiful chocolate aromas and flavors that go well at a gathering. This 95% sativa-dominant strain will have you dancing “like it is” you know the saying, ha-ha.

Fat Banana
If it’s a tropical party you are attending then you will be gratefully appreciated when you bring out the Fat Banana, this strain provides sweet, earthy tropical fragrances that will put you in the island mood. Be careful my friend this strain is very high in THC. The herb is all you need at a party, no alcohol needed here.


Bubble Kush
You will be indulging in an 80% Indica dominant strain. This strain will keep your guests happy and chatty. No boring conversations here, you will engage in interesting bubbly conversation. Great when you are sitting out the next dance and like to chat. The great earthy and sweet flavors will be appreciated.

his potent sativa dominant strain will have you partying hard, but you will be peaceful and not over the top trashing the party. This is another social strain that will puts you in a party hardy mood, with no need for alcohol. You and the rest of the party will enjoy the complex fruity flavors that this strain brings.

Royal Cookies
What party is complete without those special cookies on the menu? This social strain is high in THC and is fantastic when infused in regular boring cookies that some host may present at the party. These cookies will provide smooth, relaxing vibes for the party crowd that loves to be sitting off in the corner and chatting. The THC in this strain is very high so be careful of the amount you eat. Be sure to wait the time needed for these cookies to take effect. Remember nice and slow then you will be there for the duration of the party. Drinking lots of water while waiting for the cookies to kick in is a good idea.

These strains are in my opinion the best party weed, prefect for a social atmosphere. Be responsible and enjoy the party. Remember not to drink or toke and drive. Enjoy!



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