Are weed weddings in the future for Canada?

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:38 a.m. ET

Are wedding bells ringing in your future? The Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo will be a perfect place for you to start planning your nuptials. Calgary, Canada will play host for this spectacular presentation of introducing cannabis weddings for couples.

Vendors that incorporate cannabis on your wedding day will be there to assist you in planning your big day. Wedding planners and cannabis culture attendees will be able to connect with vendors that will diligently work to provide you with an over the top wedding if that’s how you want your special day to play out.

You will gain knowledge on how to safely and legally provide your guests with cannabis to celebrate your special day. All the vendors are professional wedding planners who have expanded their horizons to incorporate marijuana into the special day for 420 couples.

So now you are ready to find that perfect dress for your romantic 420 wedding. You want to keep the same theme from beginning to end. A marijuana wedding dress made from hemp will be perfect to compliment the day, while still looking great, after all,you probably don’t want to go too far and have marijuana themed clothing for all to wear.

Let’s not forget to incorporate cannabis in the floral arrangements that the bride and her bridal party will be sporting. Brides bouquets could use a beautiful leaf of the cannabis plant as part of their celebration, a sort of marijuana bouquet. Depending on your budget the grooms' boutonniere could be a perfect bud. It would be funny to see how many of the boutonnieres are still intact at the end of the night.

Instead of an open bar, why not have an open cannabis bar wedding? One couple decided that medical marijuana had bought them together and had a place at their wedding. Their “splifbar” was stocked with 50 grams of hash, and had a comfy outdoor vaping area, which was set up for the bride, groom and their guests to partake in comfort. The splifbar included an edible area with six different cannabis-infused edibles for the guests to enjoy and microdose themselves if they so desired.  


The traditional wedding favor, commonly a piece of wedding cake was substituted for a cannabis take-home goodie bag — what a fabulous wedding. The price tag for the cannabis was a healthy $8000.00. Perhaps this is a little pricy for the average cannabis wedding, but if you have it why not splurge and provide a euphoric tantalizing cannabis wedding for you, your partner and guests to enjoy and celebrate your union.

Of course, we must include romantic 420 honeymoon destinations. Amsterdam and Jamaica may seem like the logical 420 destinations for your sunny honeymoon. However, marijuana is only tolerated in the Netherland and decriminalized in Jamaica. Take time to research the marijuana laws of your honeymoon destination.

Portugal decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. Although not legal, marijuana is readily available and for small quantities, the police turn a blind eye.

For complete comfortability, Canada is a perfect legal cannabis location for your honeymoon. Cannabis use is legitimate to adults in all provinces and territories of Canada.

And who could not mention Uruguay, the first country in the world to fully legalize cannabis. Residents are the only legal purchasers of marijuana, but gladly there is no law against sharing.



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