Are vape weddings a new trend?

Published Apr 18, 2019 11:31 a.m. ET

Spring is upon us, and as the snow and cold are beginning to melt away for good, there are thousands of couples all over the world who are looking to officially tie the knot. With more traditional celebrations becoming a thing of the past due to a massive drop in the religious beliefs that called for them, the majority of wedding planners now are seeking new, innovative, unique, and exciting ways to ring in such a monumental once in a lifetime occasion. If you know anyone who’s gotten married recently than this probably isn’t news to you, but some of the ideas newlyweds come up with tend to incorporate their love of a specific thing or things.

Now that marijuana has become a legally controlled substance in many areas of the world, cannabis themes have been pouring out of the woodwork. Some of them like cannabis burning have actually been incorporated into several weddings already, but not all of us are so lucky as to have access to an area large enough to celebrate a marriage that is so marijuana friendly. As a way to skirt those regulations party planners have been utilizing healthier ways to consume cannabis like vaping or edibles which falls right in line with today’s hot topic and growing trend vape weddings.

What is a vape wedding?

Now not all vape weddings will use marijuana products, but the majority are serving up a whole new vibe by offering vaping rather than more traditional options like alcohol. There are a few possible aspects that you could expect to witness or be a part of when attending a vaping themed wedding such as:

Vaping wedding photos

Now that marijuana legalization has spread right across most of the globe, marijuana products are a lot more easily accessible and widely produced. One of the most popular cannabis concentrates this year is cannabis e-juice. If you are invited to attend a vape wedding than be prepared to be wowed with an entirely different aspect of focus on wedding photos while enjoying an ever-increasing buzz. That’s right, vaping images and photographers are actually a thing, often featuring members of the wedding or bridal party posing with vaporizers and working to actively creating a unique effect that’s incomparable to anything that’s ever been done before in the industry.

Vape decor


This one is a must-have option that many of the newest vape weddings have used as a base that allows for the entire experience to focus on vaping, while also expanding from that to include colors, smoke art, and flavors. For instance, if bride-to-be loves orange cannabis vape juice, then she might choose to use orange as the color of choice with elegant photos of oils, beautiful vapor clouds, and fruit delicately placed. It should feel like a more formal visit through a head shop, that utilizes style to avoid some of the tacky stoner stereotypical decors that are most often associated with marijuana products.  

Vaping as a replacement for toasts

The oldest wedding tradition that seems to remain practiced despite different variations on how it is presented today is the wedding toast. This is when all of the guests listen carefully to the loved ones and friends of the newlyweds and is usually followed by an official toast from both bride and groom. The interlocking of arms occurs, and a sip of wine or champagne is enjoyed in the form of a blessing of sorts. Instead of wine glasses, vape weddings will typically either ask attending guests to bring their own or supply vape devices for their guests to use on these momentous occasions.

Vape bar

All the products that come with a vape shop, easily accessed at a wedding. Most typical weddings will offer a bar to guests that serve alcohol of some sort, be it for a fee or on the house. The thing is that a lot of people who enjoy marijuana aren’t all that excited about drinking for various reasons. One of the most common staples to a vape wedding is access to a vape bar that features neat options like different flavors, weed strains, and potency to choose from. Sometimes the bar will simply dispense marijuana oils and come equipped with a vendor for advice, but other higher end caterers are now offering a fully equipped bar with servers, volcanos, vape pens, and giant vape tubes that can be used to consume marijuana products in a fun and exciting way.

Though vape weddings are a brand-new trend that seemed to have been stimulated by marijuana legalization, it is exciting to see such adventurous and personalized events that focus more on celebrating the couples interests rather than the same old bland flowers and wine. As the trend continues, we should expect to see all kinds of companies begin to offer this service, and venues take on a different approach which will allow cannabis consumers a fresh and unique theme choice on what is often the most memorable day of their lives. If you are considering a vape wedding yourself, than be sure to check your preferred venue’s regulations on indoor vaping before you book and plan.



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