Fictional characters that have smoked marijuana

Published May 21, 2019 01:11 p.m. ET
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Watching TV or reading fictional books I’m sure you have come across characters who seem to be stoners. In their roles on the big screen, many of these characters are associated with marijuana use.

We know characters that are depicted as stoners. There are plenty more that are in the closet when talking about or smoking marijuana on the big screen or in a famous book.

Here are a few fictional characters worth mentioning as big screen tokers.

• SpongeBob has the typical stoner characteristics. When discussing observations of the world, he as some typical stoners observations.

• Michaelangelo, from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is more than any of his brothers classed as the party guy and appears to be the weed smoker of the bunch.

• Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, well do you have to wonder? He may not smoke out of the closet, but he has all the classic signs of the munchies.

• Winnie The Pooh, this guy is a definite closet stoner. He is always looking for the honey pot.

Well, outing fictional cartoon characters would not be fair if we did not include:


• Ted: a fluffy beige teddy bear who comes alive and enjoys smoking herb. Ted enjoys his bongs every time he is on film.

Smoking marijuana has been done by a ton of fictional characters from all sorts of different genres like:

• Smokey from the 1995 movie Friday is high on the list of fictional characters who appear to be smoking marijuana daily. This character enjoys the cannabis lifestyle of selling and using the herb; He enjoys the smoking part of the lifestyle more than the selling, which ultimately gets him in trouble. The film finishes with Friday lighting a big joint.

• The characters from the fictional film; Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle are for sure pot heads. The fictional characters from this film are stoned and on their way to the White Castle restaurant to squash their munchies that have taken over from smoking the big bud.

• Pedro De Pacas and Anthony Man Stoner played Cheech and Chong are enveloped in the cannabis culture. These two characters have been referred to as the boss of the stoner comedy films.

• Workaholics has the preverbal hard stoned worker in its acting body. Well, that is not exactly the type of hard work that the characters in this film are doing. They are however workaholics in the smoking marijuana department. The characters Anders, Adam, and Blake are hard working or workaholics only not at work they are in charge of, but for partying and smoking marijuana.

Smoking marijuana is not only limited to non-fictional characters, as we can clearly see from the money at the box office or the publisher’s houses producing paperback renditions of the tokers lives for us to enjoy perhaps while we ourselves are enjoying that cannabis plant.



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