Amazing ideas for cannabis Easter baskets

Published Mar 31, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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What better way to keep a smile upon your face this Easter than with a delicious mind-blowing 420 inspired Easter basket? The past year has turned many of our smiles into frowns and negative thoughts. Chocolate is often the answer to help a long day be more bearable. After the long trying year and dismal winter, how better to reward yourself for doing a good job and hanging in there than with a chocolate-infused Easter egg. Here are some ideas that will help to make your 420 baskets complete.

Infused Chocolate Eggs

The perfect centrepiece for your Easter 420 basket will be the chocolate egg.  This delicious chocolate THC-infused egg should be the first thing in your bag. The tasty and mouthwatering morsel is infused with 175 mg of THC. Delicious to look at and perfect for spending a relaxing Easter Sunday afternoon with your partner.

CBD Bath Bombs

A beautiful way to spend the Easter evening is in a warm bath infused with a special CBD bomb. The bright colour CBD bombs are sure to bring a smile to your heart while soothing away those negative thoughts brought on from the strain of last year’s COVID pandemic lockdowns, which we have all endured.

Hemp Soap on a Rope

The smile will grow on your face after you step into the shower and grab hold of the bright green hemp soap on a rope. The eye-catching green cannabis leaf on the soaps, which are made from hemp, will rejuvenate your body. The aroma from the scented essential oils and cannabis will relax the mind while your hemp-soap-on-a rope cleans you from head to toe.

Stoner Tee-shirt

Is there a better way to remember the day than with a picture of the Easter Bunny, holding your Sativa pre-roll between his lips? Forget about asking, "What's up, Doc?" instead, have “Follow me to the weed patch" printed on your personalized Easter tee-shirt.

Adult Coloring books


Expressing your creative side comes easy with an adult colouring book. Put your artistic endeavours into colouring the beautiful 420 Easter-themed pages. Depending on how much of your THC-infused egg you have eaten might be the deciding factor on how well you stay within the lines. This part of your Easter gift basket can be a pleasant and relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Plastic filled eggs

How could you give a stoner an Easter basket without it containing the distinguished green guest? Pack your little plastic eggs with grams of seasonally appropriate cannabis strains. Try these holy name strains:

  • God’s Gift
  • Jesus OG
  • Heaven’s Scent

These fantastic strains will provide you with enough potent THC to answer your prayers. However, if you prefer to have your little plastic eggs filled with sugary grams, then why not try:

  • Chocolate Mint OG
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Candy Kush

These strains will satisfy those sugary cravings that can present during the Easter holiday.

Final thoughts

Easter comes but once a year, and this year although not quite like we would prefer it, can still be a great day to celebrate. Depending on the weather, grab your partner and head for the open roads.  Find a spot that you can enjoy your basket with that special someone on Easter Sunday and smile.

Sweet cannabis strains that are perfect for Easter


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