Where you can smoke weed on vacation

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:42 p.m. ET

The United States of America

It can be confusing when we talk about smoking cannabis in America.  Some states embrace weed, others, if you smoke, will land you in trouble. Here is a list of states that allow you to smoke freely, recreational:




District of Columbia



Michigan (not yet enacted)





Washington DC


There are also 23 states that legalized solely medical marijuana.



5 grams or less of weed is decriminalized in Mexico when using for personal use, this meaning no jail time. Your herb will be available at dispensaries.

The Netherlands

This ideal vacation spot has over 250 coffee shops where you can enjoy a toke. Amsterdam coffee shops came legally in the 1980's.  Unlike elsewhere in the country you do not have to prove Dutch residency, although this is tightening up. In these shops, you can see smell and purchase your favorite bud before buying. You can buy up to 5 grams a day if you are over 18. Try the space cake if you prefer edibles. The Coffee shop Paradox sells a slice of cake containing g a solid gram of weed. Like anytime the message is for new smokers eat small wait for effects then repeat if you want.


At present only medicinal marijuana is legal. However, in northern New South Wales the first weekend of May there are smoking contests at Ganga parades, and an event called the weed Olympics. The entire 3-day festival is called the Mardi Grass party.

San Francisco

Recreational marijuana is legal here. If you’re looking for a yoga experience, you might want to check out ganja yoga. Classes at this yoga studio start with sharing your edibles joints and vapes 30 mins before the instructor’s class.


Although weed here is technically illegal take a stroll by the riverside in Phnom Penh. Check out any pizza store with happy in its name.  Order a slice of pizza with “extra happy” you will be served your pizza containing your bud, baked right in your pizza.


To buy weed or sell it in Spain is illegal, though there are clubs in Barcelona where you can get it. These establishments are member-generated, You pay a fee, this goes towards the production and distribution among members, The upkeep of the club is also paid through this membership, so you are not buying, and they are not selling weed technically. Membership is by invitation only. Tourists may apply for membership.


Though technically illegal for a long time, one can not think of weed without thinking of Jamaica and Bob Marley. Since 2015, weed has been decriminalized in Jamaica. Tours of Bob Marley's birthplace can be purchased while in Negril. A visit to Nine Mile the birthplace of Marley is a must for tourists. A ganja farm can also to be incorporated in a tour.


The first country to completely legalize weed in 2013. If you are a non-citizen, it is illegal to purchase here although residents can grow up to 6 plants and gift their weed to whomever they want. A visit to the Montevideo Cannabis Museum is a must for tourists Try visiting the beautiful town as well and enjoy the free samples along the way.

There are many beautiful places to vacation and indulge in marijuana, remember to check on the laws of each country you visit and enjoy.



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