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Published Dec 20, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis activist’s Marc Emery and  Neil Magnus have quite a bit to say about the plant on POT TV. Magnus proclaims to offer truth, hope, and change on his live show, which discusses all aspects of the cannabis space.  The THC show is now on its 18 episode.

His show airs every Tuesday on Pot TV. Neil Magnus reads the headlines and touches on any related upcoming cannabis events. However, his presentation does not stop there. He tackles issues like the legal battles of Compassion Club owner Jerry Martin. He is also keeping the public up to date with the issues surrounding the Cannabis Substitution Project. As the availability of edibles is fast approaching, this is just one hot topic of discussion that the host delves into.

POT TV  began broadcasting cannabis videos on the internet in 2000, from studios located in Vancouver BC Canada. The internet channel has been used as a forum for the legalization of cannabis in the past. It is here that Marc Emery, otherwise known as the Prince of Pot, broadcasts cannabis news events and about issues that are related to the marijuana plant.

The benefits of marijuana a hot topic

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the most popular and known cannabinoids within the marijuana plant. THC is the psychoactive component within the marijuana plant.

When looking at the medical components of the marijuana plant THC can help to ease:

  • Nerve pain
  • Nausea
  • Glaucoma
  • Pain associated with Multiple sclerosis
  • Tremors associated with Parkinson disease

These are issues that marijuana can assist with, and the deep-down discussions and debates that the show is providing to the cannabis curious mind and cannabis culture movement.

Truth hope and change is the platform for this show. Sometimes the direction of the show is the opioid crisis and how cannabis can be the tool to the intervention and the road to recovery from this crisis. The THC Show also welcomes guests like David Hutchinson, who is promoting the access of cannabis for medical use.


Neil Magnus is very vocal about his opinion of regulation in the cannabis industry

His opinions of the closing of dispensaries in BC include the issues with the opioid crisis. Cannabis can and is used to alleviate medical conditions, and as he sees it, the government is not being truthful in the benefits from the marijuana plant. A protest has been established, and the THC show is very vocal in the cannabis industries to help on relieving issues that have been previously prescribed opioids.

As we approach the legalization of edibles, The THC show is quick in noting the availability of illegal dispensaries that fulfill the desires and needs of consumers, often for medical purposes. Neil Magnus, the host for this segment of the POT TV show, quickly states that the legacy market or, as is now known, is quickly identified. Neil says that the RCMP have indicated the signs to watch for when dealing with a legacy or black-market business as we have called it in the past:

  • Convenient payment
  • Attractive packaging
  • High dose edibles
  • Customer incentive
  • Same day delivery
  • The herb is better and cheaper

The THC show is an informative live show that keeps up to date with the cannabis industry, mainly on the west coast of Canada. He is an activist who sees no end in his drive to eradicate the stigma that is still floating around the cannabis plant. The battle for medical marijuana access is at the forefront of the THC show that he hosts that is not shy in expressing the political views of the viewers that his show attracts.

The THC show is presented by POT TV and hosted by Neil Magnus, who is adamant that the legal government cannabis suppliers are not the best avenue for the medical cannabis user. His THC show is an avenue to broadcast the government involvement or lack of it, and the benefits that cannabis has on the numerous health conditions that people are seeking help for today. As the day for legal edibles approaches, the discussions that are presented on the show are dynamic and well worth tuning into.

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