Alaska’s marijuana lounges

Published Feb 15, 2019 00:27 a.m. ET

Alaska is ready to be the first state in the USA to incorporate an on-site marijuana consumption lounge and retailer combined. In 2016 the existing consumption lounges in Anchorage were declared as public venues and would thereby be declared illegal. This new turn in the cannabis industry is likely to increase marijuana sales in Alaska.

Now, three years later they are moving forward, and the situation is changing. Alaska was the third state to allow marijuana consumption for legal age adults. Alaska is now is aiming to show the rest of the states how to move forward and incorporate a cannabis lounge within a retail establishment. Alaska weed shops’ and dispensaries’ owners are surely on the edge of their seats.

Is cannabis legal in Alaska?

December 20, 2018, became a memorable day for cannabis users. The Marijuana Control Board voted 3-2 to allow customers to be able to immediately consume their purchase at select locations in Alaska. This practice would be similar to when you purchase a drink at the bar and subsequently drink it at the bar. The decision is still in review by Alaska’s Department of Law; the optimism runs high for a positive result.

This move would be beneficial to the tourist industry in Alaska. This would help alleviate pressures for tourists that like to continue to have a place to partake of the green goddess.

Alaskan weed laws

There has been considerable opposition to having on-site consumption of the herb. Some of the reservations pertain to second-hand smoke. July 2018 say the smoke-free Alaska bill signed into law. This prohibited smoking in the workplace along with other restrictions.


The board voted positively to allow separate rooms to free-standing cannabis retail stores where customers can consume their purchases up to 1 gram of bud, and 10mg of edibles.

Here are some of the rules the Department of Law will be looking at. With the hope of a resolution in the very near future.

• The procedure for applying for a site endorsed on-site endorsement
• What will be the manner of ensuring a smoke-free environment for employees to monitor the area?
• The construction of these rooms whether indoor or outdoor and the provision of excellent ventilation rooms that are separated by wall and secure door from the retail store.

In the meantime,until I can purchase my weed and sample it right there, I will continue to purchase and smoke at home. Perhaps you would like to try the namesake strain Alaska. This is a sativa-dominant strain, no couch lock here only long lasting fast-paced effects. The levels of THC in this strain are amazing. When arousing your senses of smell, this bud will let you experience aromas of savory, peppery dankness. When you grind this lovely lady, you may notice some other aromas like a skunk. When you finally exhale this aromatic marijuana, you will enjoy the hints of cedar and pine that permeate your palate and sinuses. If your looking for a quick hit strain, you have found it. You may experience trippy elements; these could be with visual distortions and increased amplifications when listening to music. This is not the best choice for people that are prone to anxiety or panic attacks. The euphoric and talkative feelings are great for those cold Alaska nights.

Remember to indulge responsibly and enjoy!



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