Affordable cannabis wedding ideas that every couple should know about

Published Jun 24, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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If you’ve found that special someone and you’re looking to tie the knot with a cannabis-focused theme, there are all kinds of ideas online to get inspiration from, but a lot of them come with a hefty price tag that not everyone can afford. A beautiful weed bouquet can run into the thousands, and some of the hottest designer pot leaf dresses cost even more than that, but if these luxuries aren’t achievable for you, don’t feel discouraged just yet, as we’ve got a whole line up of gorgeous and affordable wedding ideas that can help to make your special day incredible without them.

1. A partaking station

For true cannabis enthusiasts getting married is a huge event that should include some good old fashioned toking, but this can be challenging to do in a venue that isn’t set up to accommodate, which is why the first of the wedding ideas on this list is a well-equipped rolling table. You don’t want your guests to have to fumble and search for a pack of rolling papers or to awkwardly chop up their weed on your fancy tablecloths, so give them somewhere safe to do so, that includes all of that.

Though the ideal option would be to supply cannabis too, for larger parties, this can quickly become unfeasible, but your guests will be just as thankful for the tools that they need to get the job done. All you really need to pull this one off is a cheap and foldable table, a nice little variety of rolling papers, and some trays to keep all of the madness contained as much as possible, which can all be put together for under $80, and even less if you already have some of the needed materials on hand, as many stoners do.

2. Pot leaf disposable dinnerware

When we get married, we like to go all out, but it’s some of the simpler things that are easy to use to incorporate cannabis with your special day on a budget. It’s not often that we put a whole lot of thought into the plates that we eat off of or the cups that we drink from, but on this day, everything should be special which is why we highly recommend that you check out the cheap disposable lines of party products that can come brandishing pot leaves.

One of the best item to start with is plates because they have the largest surface, but if you want to get extra fancy, then you can get everything from cannabis plates, cups, and bowls, to cutlery, serving trays and more. Though some designers offer these options at high prices, for the most affordable choices, you’re going to want the generic versions that are available on websites like Amazon or homemade options from platforms like Etsy.

3. Cannawater

Providing a never-ending flow of cannabis for a whole wedding party might be a high bar, but you might be surprised how affordable it can be to offer other options like, in this case, cannabis-infused water. When we get married, it’s a celebration that will last a lifetime, and that’s why we commemorate the occasion with activities like dancing, which can leave us parched, so why not gently infuse some fresh spring water to perk up the crowd throughout the course of the festivities?


Now, at first, this idea might sound expensive, especially if you’ve been to a dispensary and priced out mass made versions that can go for up to $15 per drink, but you can make your own at home, at an affordable price if you can get your hands on some activated cannabis product like distillate or THC crystals. At that point, you can add a little bit to bottles of water, give them a shake, and serve them to your guests, and you can make a hundred of them for less than $100 if you find a good supplier.

4. Cannabis mints

Cannabis mints are one of the most discreet, delicious, and effective wedding ideas on this list, as they don’t alert everyone in the vicinity of their presence. They aren’t covered in giant pot leaves or being rolled up in paper, so it’s a treat that can be served selectively if you choose without making anyone feel left out, but we highly recommend leaving a bowl of them out on each table, and consider sending some home as wedding favors because they are so good, that everyone will love them.

Like most cannabis goods if you buy them ready-made, then you’re going to pay for the time and energy of a big company, and if you can afford to, that’s a great option, as it helps to support your local economy. However, if you’re wanting to make so many that you can serve them freely without spending a fortune doing it, then you can make them at home by following one of our recipes, or one of your own. You can make hundreds of mints for less than $100, and everyone will thank you for the extra perk.

5. DIY wedding décor

You might not want to go full out with cannabis bouquets to decorate every table, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use pot for inspiration when you’re decorating for your wedding. There is always the option of small bud accents or framed works of art, or you can get extra fancy and indulge in more intricate hemp tiaras for the wedding party, or pot leaf centerpieces that feature your favourite aspects of the plant.

Whether you like candles and more elegant things, or you’re seeking a more toned down event that simplifies the process and keeps everything on a tight budget, cannabis can be part of your special day, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make that happen. All you really need are some great ideas and a motivation to make it work, even if it’s in a more unique way than you had initially hoped for.

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