A review of the 2019 Netflix documentary “Grass is Greener”

Published May 25, 2019 09:29 a.m. ET
Photo: Netflix

Marijuana legalization has slowly spread across the globe which has brought a host of benefits to the many regions that have been lucky enough to enjoy it, but the history of cannabis prohibition isn’t all too far behind us, and many of the most advanced countries in the world still harshly punish their citizens for the mere possession of a small quantity of weed. Without thousands of innocent people still tied to criminal records and even in prison for small time possession charges, and entire communities are reeling from discrimination that still takes place to this very day.

There is no better time than right now to remind ourselves of the many mistakes made, and how far we have yet to go as we try to undo the damage caused by the nearly worldwide war on drugs. If you are seeking an educational, funny, and in-depth perspective into the history of prohibition including its roots, influences, cause, and effects, then the Grass is Greener might be just the right flick for you.

Release date: April 20, 2019

Cast and crew

Snoop Dogg
American singer, songwriter, tv personality, rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.

Damian Marley
Jamaican record producer and son of Bob Marley.

Steven Hager
Creator of the cannabis cup, American filmmaker, marijuana rights activist, writer, and journalist.

American actor, and lead rapper in Cypress Hill.

Darryl McDaniels (D.M.C.)
American rapper, musician, and founder of DMC.

Doug E. Fresh
American beatboxer, rapper, and record producer.

Chuck D.
American author, producer, and rapper.


The Grass is Greener documentary delves into America’s history and modern-day relationship with marijuana use, and the truth might not be what you’d expect. In this film Fab Five Freddy, Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and the infamous Damian Marley provide a look into the racially driven motivations of the politicians who decided to make cannabis a crime. Along with this clear explanation of prohibitions root’s, these and many other celebrities discuss the influences marijuana use had on some of the world's most popular music, and culture, while revealing the adverse impacts that can still be felt today in the African American and Latino communities right across the country.

While this film does focus on America’s issues with marijuana legalization, many of the topics covered are relatable for viewers stemming from almost anywhere in the world. Featuring popular culture driving icons such as Mr. Big (Biggie Smalls) and the ever-elusive drug dealer whose name had been sung by millions of people before he even knew that the artists had included his name. This isn’t a science-based documentary and is not meant to convince anyone to smoke legal cannabis. Instead, its creation was meant to shed light on just a few of the reasons America has taken so long to introduce marijuana legalization.

Where to watch Grass is Greener

If this sounds like a documentary that you need to see, then a Netflix membership is in order. You can watch the Grass is Greener documentary on almost any internet connected device by visiting www.netflix.com.

Credit: wutwhanfoto

Who should watch the Grass is Greener

Though a great many of the latest cannabis focused documentaries, have been incredibly practical and informational, anyone who has an interest in cannabis culture. Though cannabis smokers will certainly have the easiest time relating to the cast and crew as they share their personal stories and struggles with marijuana use in an illegal country, there is a little something for everyone here. From the real harsh truths to the more fun and laid-back side of cannabis culture, nothing is missed and no other pot documentary in the world comes close to the real-life description of the war on drugs and the destruction its implementation has caused.



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