A guide to finding the best cannabis gifts for Valentine's day

Published Feb 7, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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Valentine’s day is right around the corner so now is the time to decide what you’re going to give your partner for this heartwarming holiday, but it can be challenging to determine the best place to start. Luckily, we’ve got some suggestions to get the ball rolling and you might be surprised to learn that many of them are budget-friendly too!

Find out what your partner likes

If you don’t know this already, then it’s probably a good idea to start asking questions so you’re more prepared for the big day, but it’s not hard to take a look at someone's consumption habits and get a relative sense of which cannabis products your partner might enjoy the most. This assessment is essential if you want to avoid buying a gift they won’t use, so be vigilant and thorough, because the results will be more than worth it.

Try to combine your preferred options with theirs

Since this day is all about couples coming together to celebrate the love they have for one another, it’s just as important to make your cannabis preferences a part of this occasion. Of course, they might not want to indulge in the same way you do, or they could prefer a different flavor or effect, but they will get to see you happy when you do something that feels so right and natural, which should only strengthen the bond.

Great choices

Here we explain some of the various types of cannabis products, and we even include some suggestions to make these gifts even more romantic.


Cannabis flower is the purest option there is and it’s also the most popular among consumers as the majority still prefer smoking or vaping over alternative methods of ingestion. Stock up on some sweet-smelling strains, or hand-select a few cultivars with romantic names to show you’re willing to put in the extra effort.


Some great cannabis strains for Valentine’s day include:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Love Potion #1
  • Blue Trainwreck
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Flavor
  • Love Potion #9
  • Chocolate Kush
  • Diamond Girl


For the dabbers, vapers, and infused joint lovers out there, we’d like to introduce you to our second most highly anticipated suggestion cannabis concentrates, which are often viewed as superior to flower, with a price point to match great potency and quality. They’re a little more expensive than some other cannabis products, but also versatile and more concentrated which means your giftee will need less to achieve their desired effects.


Chocolate is a traditional favourite in terms of gifts on Valentine’s day, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s rich, smooth, creamy, oh-so-sweet, and easy to save some for later, and it’s surprisingly easy to make if you don’t want to spend top dollar, but there are many other great choices too like drinks, brownies, cake, muffins, or even a full three-course meal that’s been infused with the power of the plant.


These cannabis products show love and affection in a different way, as the goal is to make the person feel better without intoxication. Ointments, creams, and salves are good basics for every enthusiast's self-care routine. Or if you’d prefer to get naughty, pick up a bottle or two of lube or massage oils as they’re designed specifically to turn up the heat.

Avoid having a bad experience with weed this Valentines Day


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