A cannabis trip guide to Belize

Published Jul 17, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET
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Do you need a vacation on the white sands of a tropical Island? Does it need to be 420 friendly? Well, you should consider Belize. Belize rates as the 18th most marijuana consuming nation in the world, it is even higher than Jamaica. A good question that should come immediately to mind is the legality for tourists to be smoking marijuana as they lay on the pearly white beaches.

Possession and smoking marijuana before 2017 was illegal but was tolerated. With the amendment of the Misuse of Drugs Act in 2017, this facilitated the decriminalizing of weed and allowed one to possess up to ten grams of marijuana. Residents are safe if they are smoking marijuana on their private premises; this includes hotels where smoking is permitted if the owner gives permission. This law took industrial hemp out of the illegal realm, and it no longer was categorized the same as cannabis. CBD oil is legal in Belize if it is extracted from the industrial hemp plant, and today it is available for many health benefits.

That being said, it is still a felony to grow and sell cannabis in Belize. There is no distinction between using marijuana for medical or recreational use. The tourist will have to buy illegal weed. Presently  there is no such thing as legal marijuana in Belize

For adventurous tourists, back-packing in Belize can be a trip of a lifetime, although smoking marijuana could be a problem due to the laws of smoking marijuana being tolerated in private residences only. The people of Belize are very friendly; the beautiful island has much to offer. The dense jungle and the incredible Mayan ruins are a sight to see.

When on the island, if you are wondering about the best way for you to get your daily serving of weed, a taxi driver is usually a perfect person to assist you in this purchase. With the right attitude, your taxi driver can take you to where you can purchase your weed. Do the right thing and remember to tip your taxi driver for help.

If you can get the assistance of a Belizean to purchase your stash, you will be happier with the price. Tourists are usually charged more for the same amount of weed that the locals will pay. It is a good practice to ask for the amount of cannabis you want in dollars, not weight.

Here are a few spots that will welcome you and your 420 attitudes:

  1. Belize Cultural Adventure Guesthouse
    Located in the Cayo District welcomes you to vaporize only while staying at the guesthouse.

  2. Belize Eco-Ashram
    Located in Cristo Rey Cayo District is an all-inclusive resort that provides cannabis.

Belize has started the positive move towards legal marijuana, by decriminalizing weed. However, the law states that the consumption of the herb must take place in a private residence. The best idea for the 420 tourists in Belize is to look for a private home to rent.

Remember to enjoy the sun enjoy the beach but do not possess more than 10 grams of weed, do not smoke marijuana in public places, and stay away from schools.

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