5 World famous comedians who support marijuana legalization

Published Mar 27, 2019 01:34 p.m. ET

Stoner jokes have been their own brand of comedy for years, with many of the most popular comedians using their platform as an opportunity to openly support their belief in the need for legal marijuana reform. Not all these hilarious entertainers use cannabis, but every one of them has endorsed marijuana legalization in one way or another leading the way to a cultural shift towards acceptance of marijuana use as both a substance of choice and a medical remedy.

1. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea is an American producer, actress, writer, comedian, and a heavily outspoken activist on many issues most recently focusing on marijuana legalization. She hosted a talk show called Chelsea Lately and released a full documentary series of her own in 2014. Handler recently announced the planning of her personally designed line of cannabis products launching from California where marijuana is legal and easy for anyone to access. Chelsea has smoked weed for years and in 2006 obtained a medical license based on a doctor's prescription for medical issues. Since then she has made appearances all over the United States in to speak in support of marijuana legalization and its benefits in states that have yet to adopt such policies.

2. John Oliver

John is a comedian, television show host, producer, actor, and political commentator who originated from England but has worked mostly in the United States and the UK. He’s won three Emmy Awards and has made appearances on well over 50 different television shows using his fame and fortune to influence the public's perception on more taboo issues such as abortion, guns, racism, and marijuana legalization. Though Oliver touches lightly on many of the different aspects that are involved in the illegal cannabis industry alongside other topics are subtle and can be found scattered throughout his work over the last few decades. With frequent references to cannabis including calling it catnip for the people and an entire segment which aired in February of 2018 where he openly broke down and made fun of the conflicts in current variations in regulation from state to state calling out the government for slowing the progress of the legal cannabis market. While we don’t know if John smokes it himself, he’s definitely on the side of legal marijuana.

3. Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi is a world-famous comedian, actress, and author who has received a total of 13 Emmy Award nominations winning one Emmy, one Grammy, and one Academy Award throughout her career. Known most for her warmth as a stand-up comedian Whoopi has long been recognized as an advocate for legal marijuana with medical cannabis being her focus of attention after years of self-medicating for chronic headaches, menstrual cramps, and other health issues. Though she is retired and seldom heard about these days she now owns a successful company named Whoopi and Maya which carries a whole line of well over 100 different products that are dedicated to women from cannabis flower to THC concentrates and feminine hygiene products. Her mission is to provide affordable access to medical marijuana to everyone, offering to ship her products to almost every region in the world including those that still have strict laws against marijuana use.

4. Seth Rogen

Seth is an incredibly successful Canadian comedian, screenwriter, and actor performing standup comedy from the young age of 13 years old in Vancouver. He has always been a voice amongst those who have advocated for access to legal marijuana across the globe but especially in the United States and Canada. Rogen hasn’t been discreet about his marijuana use either as almost every big-ticket movie he has starred in includes several scenes where he’s smoking cannabis including Knocked Up, Neighbors, The Interview, Superbad, Pineapple Express, and This is The End. Seth has been questioned about his concerns surrounding his stereotypical portrayal of drug use and maintains that exposure to marijuana use in any light is good for the push towards a cultural shift in the public's overall acceptance of cannabis.  

5. Sarah Silverman

Another high energy cannabis supporting female comedian and actress is Sarah Silverman. She is a controversial activist for marijuana legalization and works against other taboos like racism, religion, and sexism. She earned her way to fame during the early stages of her career as an actress on Saturday Night Live where she always displayed a boisterous and edgy side that many men and women who felt unheard could relate to. Sarah received quite a bit of flack for showing up at the Emmy's high as a kite and announcing as much to any reporters who came her way and smoking a bowl on the red carpet in front of millions of viewers. She certainly doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and has helped to blaze the trail towards marijuana legalization through her open use and advocacy over the past decade of her career.



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